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Common problems and solutions of Haier washing machine

Sihaiwang: washing machine is our good helper in our life. But the long-term use of washing machine will inevitably encounter some problems. Haier, as a well-known brand of washing machine, will give users some tips when the washing machine breaks down, so how can we solve the problem? Below to understand the common trouble codes and causes of the washing machine.

Fault code of Haier Bolun washing machine

E1: no shooting or slow drainage

Fault cause: whether the clapper is down or the drain pipe is blocked.

Release method: put down the drain pipe, open and close the upper cover once, remove the foreign matters, and try again.

E2: Operation termination and beep

Fault cause: the upper cover is not properly covered.

Release method: close the cover, or Anton 'start / pause' button after the cover.

E3: after two safety switch actions and automatic correction without dehydration

Fault reason: whether the clothes are put off or not, and whether the washing machine is inclined.

Solution: readjust the clothes and put them evenly to avoid uneven dehydration, or adjust the position of the washing machine and try again.

E4: no water or slow water inflow

Fault cause: check whether the faucet is turned on, whether the water is stopped at home, whether the water inlet valve is blocked, whether the water pressure is too low, and whether the faucet or the water inlet pipe is frozen.

Solution: turn on the tap, clean the water inlet valve, or wait until the water pressure at home is higher.

Fr: abnormal water level sensor

Fault cause: the water level sensor is faulty or damaged.

Solution: Contact after-sales customer service for maintenance, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the main parts are guaranteed for three years.

When Haier washing machine breaks down, it will give users some tips. Here's how to find out the common trouble codes of the washing machine and the causes.

Common faults of Haier washing machine

1. The washing machine drains water as it enters

Coins fall into the drain valve, cards and other clothing cause the valve plug not to seal the water, while entering and discharging.

2. Abnormal sound during cleaning

Are coins or metal objects not taken out of the clothes

Whether the wire chip filter falls off

Is it caused by buttons or zippers on the clothes

Is the washing machine tilting or shaking.

3. Water in the middle of washing

When the water level drops in the washing process, the washing machine will automatically fill in water. When there are many clothes, it will automatically fill in water for many times.

4. Inability to wash

Observe whether the immersion mode is adopted, whether the laundry exceeds the standard capacity of the washing machine, and whether the selected water level is too low.