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Our country is a film documentary. The film shows the historical achievements in scientific research of our country in recent years. The film itself also shows the strong and strong strength of our country. At the same time, it also shows the Chinese people's indomitable and enterprising spirit. Watching the film makes people excited and proud. It can't help but praise our country! Let's share a few movie impressions. Let's learn.

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"Fierce, China" shows the rapid development of high technology in China in recent years: fast, the largest radio telescope in human history, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "blue whale 2", "Mozi" quantum communication satellite, C919 aircraft, China bridge, China Road, China national vehicle, China port, China Network and other super projects. The film uses a large number of spectacular aerial shots, showing the rapid progress and development of China in recent years.

The film not only shows the strong strength of our country, but also embodies the Chinese people's good sentiment of fearless, hard-working and enterprising. Rao Shuguang said that this "fierce, our country" is a combination of macro and micro, a performance of macro themes, and a micro emotional display. It draws closer to the audience through a vivid and specific story, which makes the audience understand from the heart that "happiness is a struggle" at the same time of exclamation. Of course, one after another 'Chinese miracle' is a struggle.

Although it is a documentary with a grand and serious theme, its title is full of sense of network, which makes the audience feel very kind. But intimacy doesn't just come from the title. When the movie expresses the grand theme, it chooses many specific stories. For example, a girl and a first Secretary of poverty alleviation in Tibet paid all her efforts to persuade her poverty alleviation targets to move. In fact, this is precisely the targeted poverty alleviation vigorously promoted by the country. Through such a real story, the film has practiced the concept of targeted poverty alleviation. At the same time, the audience can think about their own lives while they are shocked: how to make our efforts and contributions to my country?

Nowadays, the main force of film audience is young people, who prefer personalized expression. In terms of artistic form, fierce, China is a renovated style, coupled with the title of the film with a strong sense of network. Young audiences should be full of great enthusiasm for watching movies. After all, it is also a movie closely related to everyone's life.

Every story told in "awesome, my country" can be made into a good movie. On the other hand, radio telescopes that can see the furthest things in the world, drilling platforms that can explore the deepest places in the world, and many marvelous heavy instruments of human science and technology can provide realistic material basis for domestic science fiction films. It can be said that "fierce, our country" contains a lot of exploitable materials of the times, which can be called the theme library of film creators.

"Fierce, our country" embodies the Chinese spirit, Chinese strength, and an expression of China's establishment of a community of shared future for mankind with the world's mind. "Fierce, our country" not only praises the country, but also praises every Chinese who strives for more happiness.

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I don't know if I don't watch "awesome, my country". This 90 minute recording of the electronic scene gives people a strong sense of shock and pride. When the largest radio telescope fast, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "blue whale 2" and the migrating antelope of marbonyong show up on the big screen, when the maglev train R & D, 5g technology and other brilliant moments of success developed by our engineers and scientists who stick to our dreams; When a great power, such as heavy equipment, China bridge, China Road, China car, China port, China net, etc., has won the world's attention and made great achievements in promoting China's power and prestige, its eyes are immediately infiltrated. The uniform and magnificent military demeanor, the well-equipped and thundering Navy style in the vast sea area, make people passionate and impassioned, fierce, our country!

The motherland, in the heart of the sacred and heavy stick. Looking back on the humiliation history in modern times, from opium erosion to the powerful guns of the eight powers allied forces, from the humiliation of the poor and the weak to the war of the Japanese aggressors, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the suffering of China rose up, became rich, and then became strong. "Fierce, my country" let me see the strength of the great motherland.

From the perspective of dream project, innovation driven, coordinated development, green China, sharing a well-off society, and opening up China, fierce China reflects the extraordinary achievements of China since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The film also combines these brilliant achievements with the stories behind the relevant characters, which are told by the builders themselves, so that the people 's livelihood can be vividly presented at their fingertips. Without sensationalism or preaching, it is just a point of' burning 'daily life experience. It puts the efforts and sweat of ordinary people in ordinary posts on the big screen, and kindly and naturally states that our ordinary people roll up their sleeves in various industries and fields I'm willing to work hard to build a happy life. The ordinary stories are deeply enlightening. I feel the achievements of those milestones in the film are so amiable and respectable!

As a movie fan, I feel very good about the Red Sea action, which is popular in the Spring Festival. But when I appreciate "awesome, my country", I can not only share many ordinary people's thoughts, but also share the spectacular and magnificent large-scale aerial photos. The excitement brought by the magnificent mountains and rivers of our country and the achievements of Zhuoyue cannot be expressed in words. The panoramic display of Chinese style on the big screen shows the noble beauty and inspires me to contribute my greatest strength to the construction of a more powerful country in the future. Not only do I have a deep feeling for the documentary film "fierce, my country". My family and children all say that it's really great to see the changes in our motherland when we see the projects built one by one and the things closely related to our travel and medical treatment. Among them, the most impressive one is Lin Ming, chief engineer of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and other three builders of the dream of a strong country, who appeared in "fierce, our country". Lin Ming said, "in the past, what kind of equipment we used to have, what kind of projects we did, what kind of plans we can now think about, and our country can build such equipment to complete.". "Full of pride and pride words, people feel proud, happy and safe.

"Fierce, our country" shows that we are in a great era. In this era, like the engineers, scientists and pioneers in the film, we should stick to our dreams, stand on our posts and make unremitting efforts to be a fighter, devotee and firmer, so as to make our ancestral country develop better and prosper faster.

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Today, the school leaders led the whole school teachers to Oscar city. We are going to watch "awesome, my country" together. After watching it, I sincerely feel that the country is strong and the people are in good health, and how happy and beautiful it is.

I don't know if I'm the only one to watch this documentary and think of myself. So many technicians, thousands of parts and a great project are all made by thousands of people. I think of a colleague in the previous group who said to me: in fact, you are the same everywhere. Everyone does the work of screws. When she said this sentence, she was very disdainful and helpless. At that time, I was also brought into that mood. But today, after watching this documentary and seeing so many staff working together to create such a great project, I feel that there is no great cause or a simple job that can be completed by a person, just like To build a large ship and thousands of screws, it is also necessary for many workers to assemble them together, so even though you only do the work of screws, you should also take it as a very important work to complete, and take everything seriously.

Poverty alleviation cadres are running in the fields, taking the villagers out of poverty and becoming rich. This is the military order of the Communist Party of China to the people of the whole country, and the era mission of more than 89 million Party members. Behind the brilliant achievements are countless party members and cadres who are down-to-earth and conscientious in their work, never forgetting their original intention, keeping their mission in mind and moving forward. Always regard the people's expectations as the goal of the Communist Party of China, always take the fundamental interests of the people as the starting point, and serve the people wholeheartedly.

We must realize that this is a very good era, there are many development opportunities, you can achieve what you want to do as much as possible, as long as you work hard, roll up your sleeves and work hard!

I hope that all teachers can become teachers with ideals, educational feelings, passion and rationality for their work; teachers who are confident, self-confident, constantly challenging themselves, pursuing innovation and excellence; teachers who are good at cooperation, developing themselves in the process of treating others well and appreciating others; teachers who are full of love and respected by students; To be a teacher who loves learning, loves thinking, can apply what he has learned, and can use what he has achieved; to be a teacher who has a sunny mind and can enjoy the happiness of education, to make his own efforts and contributions to the healthy, comprehensive and sustainable development of our students.

Record the stories of the Chinese people, tell the stories of the Chinese people well. Through one ordinary little story after another, we see the ordinary greatness. Only when we understand the 1.3 billion Chinese people, follow the party closely, unite as one, and unite as one, can we realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and continue to write new brilliance after the 19th National Congress of the party. The strong leadership of the Communist Party of China is always the power source for the continuous progress of the Chinese nation and the fundamental guarantee for the rise of the Chinese nation.

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Fierce China is a documentary film jointly produced by CCTV and China Film Corporation. It introduces the success of China in various fields in the past five years in the form of documentary.

Taking China Bridge (cross sea bridge, cross river bridge, etc.) China Road (China highway, Hainan high speed railway around the sea, Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway, etc.) China car (automatic guided transport vehicle, etc.) China port as the beginning of the great new era super project presented to the audience, one of the most profound words' if there is a breakthrough in all walks of life, the country will be very shocked 。 "Super engineering creates made in China and enriches the way to transport made in China to all parts of the world," making the world fall in love with made in China! 'the Chinese dream has also been realized. Official account of the super project was occasionally viewed from CCTV news public before I saw the film. But I never understood that the superproject introduction of the film and TV shocked me. As a science student, I know that every big data is loaded with the conscientious and strict in demands of scientists. The difference between a decimal point may be related.