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What lights do you drive at night? Wrong use of driving lights at night

Sihaiwang: driving at night, lights are essential auxiliary tools, so what lights to drive at night, how to use the driving lights at night, let's have a look.

What lights do you turn on when driving at night

1. During night driving, if the vehicle speed is less than 30 km / h, the low beam lamp shall be used. Under normal conditions, the lamp can shine for more than 30 meters. When passing an intersection, slow down at a place 50-100m away from the intersection, turn the high beam lamp into a low beam lamp, and turn on the steering lamp to indicate the direction of travel.

2. When the opposite vehicle is 150 meters away, the high beam shall be changed into the low beam to avoid obstructing the vision of the driver on the opposite side. If the other side does not change into the low beam, it shall immediately slow down and use the method of changing the far and low beam continuously to indicate. If the other side still does not change, it shall slow down and stop on the right side to avoid collision. Do not fight with the strong light to avoid damaging the vision of both sides and causing traffic accidents.

3. If there is scattered light from the other vehicle's high beam light at the intersection, it can be judged that the vehicle is still far away from the intersection; if there is a light beam in the big light or there is a bright light on the tree top at the corner of the intersection (mostly seen in the T-shaped intersection), measures should be taken to give way.

4. When driving at night on the national highway or highway with few people, or on the highway without street lighting, the owner is better to use the high beam lighting. When the high beam lights up, there will be a striking blue light on the dashboard. However, when meeting on the road, the low beam light shall be replaced in time to avoid dazzling high beam light causing dazzle to the driver of the other side and reducing the interference of the driving sight of the opposite owner.

5. When driving, if the vehicle needs to pull over in case of sudden failure or traffic accident, or if the vehicle encounters traction failure, no matter whether it is the tractor or the towed vehicle, the vehicle shall turn on the hazard warning flash in time.

This paper introduces what kind of lights are used when driving at night. Let's see the mistakes in the use of night driving lights

1. Do not turn on the headlight

Friends who have driven must know how dangerous it is to drive without headlights in the evening or at night. Maybe some friends will say that the main road in the city will be bright at night, and there is no problem without turning on the lights. In fact, this view is very wrong.

In addition to lighting, headlights also play a role in alerting other vehicles to a large extent, which is why vehicles should be equipped with side marker lights. Here the editor also reminds you that you should not only turn on the light at night, but also turn on the light early. In the evening or in bad weather, it's very dangerous when the light drops but the street lamp doesn't turn on. It's recommended that you turn on the headlight to drive.

Your eyes do not mean that others are not nearsighted. A simple action brings more security. EU countries have listed daytime running lights as the standard configuration of vehicles, which are required during the day, so the importance of lights at night is needless to say.

2. Driving lights

The reason is very simple, but why do people always' forget 'to turn on the headlights? In fact, the reason lies in another new technology - self illumination dashboard. The self illuminated instrument cluster will turn on as the vehicle starts. This technology can effectively increase the clarity of the instrument cluster during daytime driving. Originally, this is only a high-end car configuration, but many models below 100000 have been equipped with self luminous instrument cluster. Bright street lights and clear self illumination instruments often give drivers the illusion that the headlights have been turned on, so it's not surprising that someone always forgets to turn on the headlights.

So please pay attention to the following prompt lights of the instrument panel at the beginning of the evening. When the headlights are turned on, there will be prompt lights on the instrument panel. The common models are green signs, but it does not exclude that some models have other colors. The indicator lights of instrument cluster of low beam, high beam, front fog lamp and rear fog lamp are different, and the following drawing notes have clear identification. In addition, the brightness of the instrument panel will be dimmed after the headlights are turned on for the models with self illuminated instrument panel to prevent dazzling. As long as you observe carefully, you can also judge whether the headlights are turned on or not.

It is necessary to turn on the light, but the light should also be used reasonably. For example, when driving in the city, the distance between cars is relatively close, and the surrounding light is better, the constant use of high beam will only have a great impact on the driving of other vehicles. But if you are on a national highway or highway with few people, you'd better use high beam lighting. The identification of high and low beam on the instrument panel is different. Generally, green means low beam, etc. and blue means high beam. If you drive on the road and other vehicles shake you with headlights, you'd better see if the high beam is turned on, which affects the normal driving of others.

3. No high beam in fog

Fog has the function of reflection. When the high beam light is turned on, the fog will reflect the light to the cab, blur the driver's vision, affect the accuracy of his judgment on the vehicle ahead, and easily cause accidents.

4. Do not use high beam for a long time

The use of high beam lamp for a long time will blur the vision, and in the process of meeting, it is easy to blur the vision of the other party, which is harmful to people and yourself. Therefore, the high beam lamp can be used as a signal lamp. For overtaking, the high beam lamp can be used to flash to the vehicle ahead, not too long.

5. Select double flashing light or fog light according to the situation

Although the dual flash lamp and fog lamp can be used in fog days, the latter may have better light intensity and relatively weak scattering effect, so if the fog is too large, try to use fog lamp.