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SHINee's 10th anniversary what's going on with the collapse of SHINee's temperature flow this year, SHINee, a South Korean group, ushered in the 10th anniversary of its debut. On the 28th, SHINee officially returned with the latest song "good evening". When he mentioned the dead member Zhong Xuan on the show, Wen Liu collapsed and wept.

SHINee's 10th anniversary what's going on with the collapse of SHINee's temperature flow

According to Taiwan media, SHINee, a South Korean group, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. On the 28th, a new song "good evening" was released and returned. The members of the group put on the program "radio" for publicity Star ", in the first half of the period, they show a strong sense of variety, and the atmosphere is quite funny. But in the middle of the period, when they mention the dead member Zhong Xuan, even the most restrained and steady captain Wen Liu can't help crying in front of the camera.

SHINee returns strongly. In a flash of time, the younger brother group who once sang "my sister is so beautiful" has entered its 11th year in radio They didn't dare to talk about any topics in star, but they mentioned the dead member Zhong Xuan in the middle. Tai min seemed to be ready, but at the moment when he wanted to talk, his eyes were full of tears and he waved his hands and said that he couldn't continue, while Wen Liu, who had a calm attitude towards the outside world, couldn't help crying: 'I'm sorry & hellip;'

Wenliu is captain shine, always guarding the members with a gentle attitude. On the day of Zhong Xuan's funeral, he was calm. When key broke down and cried, he lent his shoulder and held each other tightly. After Zhong Xuan's death, he talked about each other in front of the camera for the first time. He couldn't help but feel like breaking the dike, which made the fans quite distressed. When returning to the music world, key said: 'some words must be said by ourselves. 'Wenliu also revealed that the members had a private conversation:' it was agreed that four or five people should unite and go on well together in the future. 'showing determination to start again.

Before that, Min Hao, one of the SHINee members, held the memorial tablet in the funeral ceremony of Kim Jong Hyun. Wen Liu, key, Min Hao, Tai min, super junior Lite, Yinhe and Donghai were responsible for carrying the coffin. On this occasion, Wenliu holds key's hand in tears. Wen Liu, who is not only the captain but also the eldest brother, is holding back his tears, which is even more sad.

In response, netizens have said: Wenliu is sadder than anyone. SHINee members all need to cheer up. They should stop Wenliu's performing activities, need mental recuperation, he is shouldering the burden that he could not bear when he was young, and hope to overcome this period. Wenliu, cry if you want to, leaving a message of comfort and cheer.