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What are the causes and symptoms of dry eye? How to prevent and treat dry eye

Four seas network: due to the development of the times, more and more people are sitting in front of the computer for one day at work. Serious overuse of eyes. This causes dry eye. Dry eye refers to the abnormal quality or quantity of tear or the abnormal dynamics, which leads to the decline of tear film stability, accompanied by eye discomfort and (or) the characteristics of ocular surface tissue lesions.

The main symptoms of dry eye disease are foreign body sensation, dryness and itching, external stimulation and emotional impulse without tears, photophobia, increased filiform sticky secretion, eye pain and burning sensation, fatigue, conjunctival congestion, spasm and itching, vision fluctuation, etc. So what's the cause of dry eye? How to treat dry eye? Let's have a look at it!

The cause of dry eye

1. The lacrimal gland in the aqueous layer does not secrete enough lacrimal fluid

Lacrimal gland in the aqueous layer is the most common cause of dry eye angle; congenital absence of lacrimal gland, aging lacrimal gland function reduction or some autoimmune diseases cause lacrimal gland inflammation, trauma, infection, autonomic nervous disorders, long-term use of some eye drops or taking some drugs will cause lacrimal secretion deficiency; long-term wearing contact lenses.

2. Insufficient secretion of mucin layer

Lack of vitamin A1, chronic conjunctivitis, chemical burns, etc.

3. Excessive evaporation and uneven distribution of tear film

Eyelid diseases result in poor closure of eyelids, reduction of blinking times, and staying in the air-conditioned room or outdoor hot and dry environment for a long time.

4. Insufficient secretion of oil layer

The function of meibomian gland is poor because of eyelid diseases.

How to treat dry eye

1. Substitution therapy

When using auto serum or artificial tears, serious patients should try to use artificial tears without preservatives.

2. Prolong the retention time of tears on the ocular surface

It can be equipped with wet chamber lens, silica gel eye mask, therapeutic corneal contact lens, etc.

3. Eliminate incentives

We should avoid using computer for a long time, less contact with air conditioning and smoke and dust environment and other dry eye inducements; we should pay attention to cleaning eyelids and using antibiotics for patients with meibomian gland dysfunction.

4. Improve diet

Eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as milk, eggs, vegetables with carotene, oral cod liver oil, etc.

5, others

Avoid taking drugs that can reduce the secretion of tears, such as antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, atropine analogues, etc.; add immunosuppressants or short-term local use of hormones for types involving immune factors.

The above is about the cause of dry eye, how to treat dry eye related information, I hope to help you.