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How much is the best crayfish to eat in summer? What harm does crawfish do?

The hot summer is coming, and the crayfish season is coming. In summer, a plate of fried crawfish is absolutely delicious on earth, but although crawfish is delicious and moderate, how much crawfish is the best to eat at one time?

Experts put forward suggestions: due to the high content of heavy metals in the head, try not to eat the head of crayfish; do not eat dead crayfish; cooking crayfish at 100 ℃ for 10 minutes, so as to ensure the killing of Paragonimus larvae; do not eat too much at a time, generally not more than 0.5kg.

What harm does crayfish eat much?

1. Skin allergy: lobster is a kind of high protein food. Excessive protein intake will lead to heterogeneous protein reaction, which may cause systemic allergy and red rubella.

2. Acute gastroenteritis: it is easy to get acute gastroenteritis by eating unclean or undercooked lobster.

3. There are many kinds of parasites on the neck and head of lobster. It is forbidden to eat them raw, which can cause paragonimiasis seriously.

4. Gout: don't drink beer when eating lobster, because lobster has high protein and purine content. If you eat lobster and drink a lot of beer at the same time, it may cause the increase of blood uric acid and gout attack.