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What to do if the door of the washing machine can't be opened washing machines are believed to be the necessary appliances for almost every family. But because of the frequent use of washing machines, there are always some problems. For example, the door of Haier washing machine sometimes fails to open, the washing machine stops halfway, etc. So what's going on? Let's get to know about it!

Haier washing machine door can't be opened

Electromagnetic door lock series

1. Check whether the washing machine is in the suspended state. The washing machine cannot be turned on when it is working. Observe whether the start / pause indicator is in the flashing state.

2. If the water level in the washing machine is too high, the water level shall be lower than the lower edge of the observation window for a certain distance. If the water level is too high, the drain pipe can be laid on the ground to discharge the excess water.

3. Check whether the temperature in the washing machine is lower than 50 ℃. If the drying or heating function is selected, the door can not be opened until the internal temperature is lower than 50 ℃. The above three points must be met, and then press and hold the start / pause key for 2 seconds before the door can be opened.

4. If you want to open the door quickly, you can open the filter trim panel. There is an emergency pull rope on one side of the filter. You can open the door automatically as long as you pull it. But this emergency pull rope is only available for washing machine with electromagnetic door lock. This pull rope can open the door at any time. Do not use it casually in case of emergency.

Micro delay door lock series

1. Ask if the machine is in a suspended state.

2. Whether the water level in the barrel is lower than the lower edge of the observation window by a certain distance.

3. Whether the washing machine is shut down for 2-3 minutes. If the above three conditions are met, you can directly press and hold the door handle to open the door. If you still can't open the door, you can instruct the user to hammer the surrounding position of the door lock to try to open the door.

The tumbler does not open when drying

The door is not allowed to open during the drying process. If the user stops running the drying, the system will cool down first, and unlock the door when the door conditions are met. It is normal to avoid scalding users by steam during drying.

The door of Haier washing machine can't be opened sometimes. What's the matter? Don't try to open it forcibly. First, see where there is a problem.

How to stop the washing machine halfway

1. Check whether the water supply is cut off or the water pressure is too low during the laundry, which causes the water inlet timeout, and whether the water outlet of the drain pipe is too low. The highest place is required to be 80-100cm above the ground.

2. Check whether the washing machine is stopped for rinsing or dehydration, generally because the water cannot be discharged, it is recommended to replace or clean the filter.

3. The user may have selected the anti wrinkle soaking function. Press the anti wrinkle soaking function key once to remove the function.

What to do if the washing machine is not clean

1. It is suggested that the user should deal with the dirt in advance and choose the function of pre washing and strong decontamination.

2. Heating washing is used to improve the activity of the active medium of the washing powder so as to improve the decontamination ability of the washing powder.

3. It is recommended to use washing powder or liquid for machine washing.

4. If there are too many laundry, the washing machine will not be able to turn over the laundry freely. It is recommended that the user reduce the amount of laundry.