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What are the hazards of fatty liver? How is it caused

Four seas network: speaking of fatty liver, I believe that this phenomenon is frequently released in obese people. So what is fatty liver? What's the harm? Let's first understand the cause of fatty liver formation.

Obesity, alcoholism, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, malnutrition, drugs, industrial poisons, gastrointestinal surgery, malignant malnutrition, hunger, cachexia, total parenteral nutrition, severe anemia, all of these factors can cause the occurrence of fatty liver, among which obesity, type 2 diabetes, alcoholism are the main causes of fatty liver.

Let's first look at the harm of fatty liver

Fatty liver is located in the lobule of the liver, which is characterized by diffuse fatty change of hepatocytes. If it is not well controlled, it will develop from simple fatty liver to fatty hepatitis; for fatty hepatitis, if it is still not controlled, some will progress to fatty cirrhosis; in addition, people with fatty liver are more likely to have problems such as blood glucose, blood lipid, blood pressure, urine acid, etc.

For moderate fatty liver, it is usually regulated as follows:

1. The energy supply should be moderate.

Energy supply should not be too high, too high prone to obesity, resulting in fatty liver, for obese or overweight people to control or lose weight. However, energy control should not be drastically reduced to avoid discomfort.

2. High protein diet.

Many amino acids in protein have anti fatty liver effect. High protein diet can help the body transport fat out of the liver and prevent fat infiltration; in addition, high protein diet is conducive to the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

3. Low sugar diet.

High sugar diet is an important factor to cause obesity and fatty liver, so low sugar diet is conducive to weight loss and treatment of fatty liver. In our daily life, we try not to eat refined sugar, honey, juice, jam, preserves and other sweets and desserts.

4. Proper amount of fat.

The essential fatty acids in fat take part in the synthesis of phospholipid, which can make the fat transport out of the liver smoothly and is beneficial to the prevention of fatty liver. However, excessive consumption of fat can increase energy and is not conducive to fatty liver patients. Therefore, appropriate amount of fat should be given, about 50g per day.

Vegetable oil does not contain cholesterol, but contains glutaraldehyde, soybean sterol and essential fatty acids. It has a good effect on the treatment of fatty liver. Therefore, vegetable oil should be used for cooking food, and foods with high cholesterol should be appropriately restricted.

5. Adequate vitamins.

The liver stores many kinds of vitamins, and the storage capacity is reduced in liver disease. If you don't pay attention to supplement in time, you will lack of vitamins in your body.

6. Diet should not be too refined.

The main food should be coarse and fine grains, and more vegetables, fruits, bacteria and algae should be eaten to ensure adequate food fiber intake. It can not only increase the supply of vitamins and minerals, but also facilitate the discharge of metabolic waste, and has a good effect on regulating the level of blood lipids and blood sugar.

7. Strengthen exercise.

Find suitable sports, carry out gradually and gradually, gradually increase the amount and intensity of exercise, and do it persistently.

8. Quit smoking and alcohol.