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May 29, 2018 NBA western finals warriors 101-92 rocket video review

On May 29, the 2017-18 NBA Western Conference finals match between rockets and warriors was held today. Warriors igodara continued to be absent, rockets Paul also due to injury absent, this game rockets sitting home advantage. In the first half, Shuangdeng led the Rockets to take the lead at the beginning of the game. In the second quarter, the Rockets grabbed the rebounds in the front court and expanded the lead to 11 points in the half. In the second half, Curie scored 14 points in the third quarter, and the warriors scored 18 points in a single quarter, but exceeded 7 points. The warriors kept their leading edge until the end. Finally, the warriors turned the Rockets away 101:92, making a total score of 4:3 to reach the finals.

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[highlights] 27+10+9 warriors in Durant's 34 point library reverse rockets to advance to the finals ( Pid=56cefc3ef6b441649cd960a852f550a8)

[Curie collection] 14 points in a single section! Curie drag down 27 points, 9 boards, 10 assists in three pairs

[Durant collection] death is still hard to stop! Durant collection of 34 points, 5 boards, 5 AIDS and 3 hats

[harden collection] it's really helpless to lead the team with single core! Harden 32 points, 6 boards, 6 AIDS, 4 breaks the collection

data statistics

Rocket (3-4): Haden 32:6:6:4, Ariza 0:7:2:2, Tucker 14:12:4, Capella 20:9:2, Gordon 23:3:6

Warrior (4-3):

Durant 34:5:5:5:3 cap, Curie 27:9:10:4 cap, clay 19:3:2 cap, Drummond green 10:13:5 cap, Rooney 4:5 cap

In the first quarter, the Rockets won the first 13 points jointly, and the warriors, Dooku Tong, arranged the first 9 points of the team. Capella's dunk was successful and the Rockets led 15-9. Livingston hit, Tucker chased three-point needle, Durant forced three-point shot to stop the rocket. Drummond green dunks, and harden scores in a row. Rooney's basket goes in, the first quarter ends, the Rockets lead 24-19.

In the next game, Tucker scored the hook, and Gordon and clay went against each other. The Rockets grabbed the offensive rebounds in a row, Tucker and Capella dunked in a row, the Rockets led by 11 points, warriors suspended. Pause to come back, Haden again connect with Capella to receive the critical buckle, and the three-point hemostasis hit from the corner of Clyde. Gerrard green made a three-point return and Livingston made a mid-range switch. Gordon lengthened by three points, and Drummond green converted to a layup. Capella's second attack was successful, and Durant got a three-point needle in the corner. Capella goes under the basket again, Haden steals the one handed split button, the rocket leads by 15 points. Curie and Thompson hit three points one after another, and Hadden's acrobatic assistant Capella made a one handed smash. Durant's midfield shot is steady, Curie's fast break is good, Gordon's post pressing and layup is good. At the end of half-time, the Rockets lead 54-43.

Yi Bian fights again. Harden scores 4 points in a row. The warriors bloom inside and outside. Durant and Nick Young hit three points in a row. The warriors are close to the score 10-4 in one wave. Curie's three-point shot from the corner left the warriors just three points behind. After a pause, Durant tied three points. In the middle of Kuri's three points, the warriors achieved anti super. Curie scored eight points in a row, warriors nine points ahead. Tucker scored a hemostasis and Durant scored two points. Gordon made a breakthrough in a row, Durant shot again, the end of three quarters, rockets 69:76 behind.

At the end of the game, Hadden scored 4 points in a row, while the water flower brothers scored 7 points, and the warriors were 10 points ahead. Durant and Curie hit three points one after another, and tucker finally ended the rocket's three-point shortage. Gordon scored four points in a row and the Rockets narrowed the gap to six. Durant and Thompson pulled the difference back to double digits. Haden scored six points in a row, narrowing it to seven. Durant sent off two points, the warriors 101:92 away to reverse the Rockets, the total score 4:3 to reach the finals.

Both sides start

Rockets: harden, Gordon, Ariza, Tucker, Capella

Warriors: curry, clay, Durant, Drummond green, Rooney