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What is the crescent on the finger? What to do if there is no half moon mark on the nail

Sihaiwang: crescent moon is a barometer of health? Thumb must have crescent, hands must have 8-10 crescent to be normal? Do crescent teeth account for one fifth of nails? Many people look at their fingernails. There is no crescent on my fingernails. What's the matter?

What is the crescent on the finger?

The crescent is called "nail half moon" nail arc shadow. It is a natural phenomenon of nail growth that the crescent is white and opaque on the nail. It's unscientific to judge the health status by the size and quantity of crescent teeth.

The scientific name of fingernails mentioned in life is deck, which is composed of several layers of dense and hard keratinocytes. It is smooth, round and translucent. There are a lot of capillaries and nerves under the deck, so the nails look pink. The soft and thin nail root hidden under the skin is the place where our nail's' production department '- nail mother material is located.

Our nails have been growing all our lives, about 0.5-1.2mm a week, which is due to the hard working nail mother.

As the production base of nail, the nail matrix constantly produces fat and white keratin cells, pushing the old cells to the outside deck. These old cells enter the deck and die slowly. They are small, dense and hard to squeeze together, and become translucent horny to protect our soft fingertips.

The crescent we see is actually the nail matrix exposed to the skin. Because the growth speed of the nail matrix in the middle of the nail is fast, and the two sides gradually slow down, so the keratin pile in the middle is more and less, extending out of the area covered by the nail root skin, which is the crescent we see. The reason for the white crescent is not clear, which may be related to the thicker epidermis and / or the lack of blood vessels in the crescent.

There's no fingernail without crescent, just don't see it

Some people have ten chubby moonteeth, some have only thumbs, and some have no moonteeth. What's the matter?

The size of the crescent is related to the location and growth rate of the nail matrix.

Some people's nail matrix is hidden behind the nail root skin, or the nail root skin is thick and big, covering the crescent, or the nail growth speed is slow, the white fat keratin cells have not yet run out of the place covered by the skin to become translucent horniness. Therefore, the absence of crescent does not mean that there is no crescent. It may be shy and hidden under the skin of the nail root.

The growth rate of fingernails is fast, and the crescent is relatively obvious. The crescent is most common in the thumb. Because the thumb is worn fast, the nail grows faster. When the nail mother works overtime to produce new cells, the crescent is pushed out. The fingernail of the little thumb is the slowest growing one among the ten fingers, and the crescent can't be seen under the skin of the nail root.

The moon teeth flicker, suggesting metabolic problems

I have no health problems when other people have crescent teeth. Occasionally, one more or one less is just that our body metabolism makes the growth speed of nails fluctuate occasionally, so I don't need to be too nervous. The growth rate of nail depends on the speed of new cells made by the nail mother material, which is related to age, environmental temperature and season, different times of the day, nutritional status, trauma and various diseases. Usually nails grow faster in summer than in winter, and young people grow faster than old people.

But if there is no crescent all the time, the plump crescent suddenly appears, or the crescent all the time disappears, which indicates that our body may have problems. When the nail is injured or undernourished, the nail half month may decrease or disappear. Some metabolic diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, will suddenly speed up the metabolism of our body, the nail will grow fast, and the nail half month will also appear or increase.

Don't keep your eyes on the crescent

There are many factors that affect the health of nails. Although crescent can reflect the health of human body to a certain extent, it can not be determined by the changes of nails.

It's better to keep a balanced diet, exercise reasonably, work and rest healthily and keep a good mood than to always focus on your health.