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2018 French Open women's singles round 1 Duan Yingying vs Garcia live address and time

Net women's singles signing form came out. In the competition, 6 players of Chinese women's singles appeared in Roland Garros, including Zhang Shuai, Peng Shuai, Wang Qiang, Zheng Saisai, Duan YingYing and Wang Yafan, which also created the number record of Chinese players appearing in the French Open women's singles competition in recent years.

The game is Duan Yingying vs. Garcia. Duan Yingying is undoubtedly the worst signing player in China. In addition, his red soil combat ability is indeed limited. Few people believe that Duan Yingying can have a chance to win in a cold war.

Live time: 20:15, May 29

Live address: Id=181090

However, the focus of this competition is Duan Yingying's state. Duan Yingying's state is not bad at the beginning of this year, but her state has declined since March. Then came to China to participate in several ITF events, the results were not as good as expected, and her world ranking fell to more than 100. The reason is still the impact of injuries, so Duan Yingying has been in a truce this month.

In this French Open, Duan Yingying returns to the court one month later, hoping that she can find her feelings as soon as possible, give full play in the field of French Open, and leave no regrets for herself.