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What's the price of millet 8? What's the value of millet 8 configuration parameter? It's not worth b

On May 31, Xiaomi will hold a Xiaomi 8 press conference in Shenzhen. With the press conference approaching, there are more and more revelations about Xiaomi 8. What about the new flagship Xiaomi 8? According to the exposure of millet 8 configuration parameters, enough to show that, come to see the 'face'.

Millet 8 detailed parameters

Recently, a foreign media exposed the detailed parameter information of Xiaomi 8. As shown in the figure above, Xiaomi 8 uses a 6.2-inch screen with a scale of 19:9 and a resolution of 2280 & times; 1080. It can be seen that it is a fact that Xiaomi 8 carries a 'Liu Haiping'. In terms of performance, Xiaomi 8 will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 mobile platform, supplemented by 6GB storage and 128GB storage. In terms of photo taking, Xiaomi 8 will have a post dual camera of 20 million + 16 million pixels, with F / 1.7 and F / 2.0 apertures and 3300 MAH battery capacity, respectively.

Xiaomi 8 supports qc4.0 fast charging

In addition, Xiaomi 8 will also have Qualcomm qc4.0 fast charging technology which is not used in most flagship aircraft. At present, there are few mobile phones supporting qc4.0 fast charging technology in China. Xiaomi can adopt this new technology, which is also advancing with the times.

Xiaomi 8 offline sales price exposure

At present, the off-line market has exposed the price of Xiaomi 8. If the price of this new flagship really reaches 2999 yuan as shown in the figure, I believe that this time Xiaomi 8 will become a new generation of 'price butcher', so you should be ready for the rush.