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Why can people who drink face to face really drink when it comes to drinking, I believe that whether it's because of work or three or two good friends, we all need to drink a little more or less when we sit together. However, some people are not drunk, but some people just pour one glass. Whether they can drink or not has nothing to do with whether they often drink. Some people are even allergic to alcohol, and even more people, face it as soon as they drink. So, do you know why you drink on your face? Let's have a look today. Why do you drink on your face, and why are you like this?

Why do you drink

In fact, when alcohol enters the body, it can't be broken down, and then it becomes a substance called acetaldehyde in the liver. This substance will make your face red, which is face on. So why is alcohol converted to acetaldehyde instead of being broken down?

Originally, when alcohol enters the human body, it will be converted into acetic acid soon after it is converted into acetaldehyde. In this way, the alcohol will be broken down, which is not so harmful to the body. But the reason why people drink alcohol on their faces is that there is no enzyme in their bodies. This enzyme is a catabolic enzyme that can convert acetaldehyde into acetic acid. Without this catabolic enzyme, acetaldehyde in their liver can't be converted into acetic acid, so they will go on their faces and enter into some reactions that produce drunkenness.

Drink face

Acetaldehyde, a substance that has side effects on the body, can redden the skin, cause nausea, headaches and a faster heartbeat. This is actually a toxic phenomenon. Acetaldehyde is toxic. It will damage the liver and cause some cancers. So, drinking on your face actually proves that you can't drink. You should know that drinking on the face, not only the body is uncomfortable, but also the harm to the body is really great.

At present, there is no possibility to cure the genetic problem that the alcohol can't convert acetaldehyde into acetic acid in the body. It is said that this genetic gene started from the Han Dynasty in China and then spread to East Asia. Now, one third of East Asians have this gene.


If you drink alcohol, you are not alone. One third of East Asians are the same as you. So, why drink on the face, it turns out that this is genetic!