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How to use Haier washing machine Haier washing machine recognized in China is indeed the best brand of washing machine in China. There is no such brand. Many families have bought Haier washing machine. Here are Haier washing machine instructions for your reference.

Haier washing machine manual

1. Haier washing machine should first connect the power supply to ensure that the power line at home is installed with leakage protection and grounding, to avoid safety accidents, install the water faucet to ensure that the washing machine is placed on a stable ground.

2. Below is the common operation interface of Haier washing machine. First, press the power button of Haier washing machine to let the washing machine operate later.

3, then adjust the 'water' button. Some Haier washing machine interface has no clear water volume figure, only the 'low, medium and high water level', according to the amount of laundry you can choose water volume, in general, the middle level water level can be used, by several times' water 'button to convert water volume, each time will change water volume.

4. The next step is to choose the program you want to implement. Generally, it's better to choose 'standard'. For expensive clothes, it's recommended to wash them by hand or choose 'soft' mode. For dirty clothes, you can choose 'soak wash' mode and choose 'fast' mode in a hurry. If you just want to dehydrate, you can choose "dehydrate".

5. When all the requirements are set, the last step is to press the "start" button. If you want to put another clothes in the middle or forget to add detergent, press pause to open the door of the washing machine. Then press the pause button to start working automatically. When you hear the sound of draining water, Haier washing machine starts working.

6. There is also an 'appointment' button. Haier washing machine has this function. If you don't want it to be washed temporarily, how long before you want it to be washed? Adjust the water level, select the function, and then press the appointment button. Press the 'appointment' button several times continuously until the time you want is reached. It's better to press the start button.

7. After the selected program is completed, the buzzer of Haier washing machine will emit several beeps, so that the clothes will be washed and will be automatically removed.

Precautions for Haier washing machine before and after washing

1、 Before washing: check carefully

1. If the clothes to be washed are stained with volatile solvent, please do not put them into the washing machine to avoid fire or gas explosion. When washing, take out the matches, coins and other items in the pocket, and zip up the clothes to prevent damage to the launder.

2. Take out all the sundries in the pocket before washing. For clothes with metal buttons, the metal buttons should be put on, and the clothes should be turned over so that the metal buttons are not exposed, so as to avoid damage to the washing machine by hard objects.

2、 After washing: clean in time

1. After each washing, the sewage shall be drained, the washing machine barrel shall be cleaned with clear water, the water drops and accumulated water inside and outside the washing machine shall be wiped with dry cloth, the knobs and buttons on the operation board shall be restored to their original positions, the drain switch shall be adjusted to the closed position, and then placed in the dry and ventilated place.

2. When washing the washing machine, do not use strong alkali, gasoline, vinyl and hard brush. When cleaning the filter screen and drain pipe, do not use hard appliance.

3. The control panel of the washing machine and the part close to the plug should be kept dry as much as possible; if there is leakage, that is, the part of the wire has been damaged, it should be repaired immediately by someone. The ground wire shall not be connected to the gas barrel or gas pipe to avoid danger.

4. When installing the ground wire, replacing the drain pipe or repairing the washing machine, please pull out the plug first to ensure safety.

Haier washing machine is a well-known brand. Many of them have bought Haier washing machine. Here are Haier washing machine instructions for your reference.

Clothes should be washed separately

1. It is suggested that users should wash underwear and outerwear separately when washing clothes.

2. There will be many kinds of bacteria in the clothes you wear. For example, there will be dead skin falling off the skin surface and various bacteria discharged from the intestine and urinary tract, such as Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, etc. And the surface of the coat will also have numerous bacteria, including some powerful pathogens, such as Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus and so on.

3. Even with detergent, only 80% of the bacteria can be removed, and the bacteria that leak the net will cause cross infection. When soaking and washing clothes, underwear and coat must be washed separately.