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Who is the real Ji Xiaolan? Why is Ji Xiaolan exiled when it comes to Ji Xiaolan, the TV play "iron teeth and copper teeth Ji Xiaolan" will immediately emerge in everyone's mind. Ji Xiaolan, played by Mr. Zhang Guoli in the play, is very brilliant. It is precisely this reason that this TV play can quickly become popular all over the country. But is Ji Xiaolan in the TV play the historical one? I'm afraid the real Ji Xiaolan is really different.


Ji Yun, Xiaolan, Chunfan, Shiyun, Daohao Guanyi Taoist, Zhili Xianxian, Xianxian in today's Cangzhou, Hebei Province. Ji Yun was born in a scholarly family, and should be regarded as a wealthy family, because his father, Ji Rongshu, once served as the governor of Yao'an in Yunnan Province, had great achievements in his office, and the local people also highly valued his father. The magistrate today is probably the mayor of a prefecture level city. In ancient times, there was a saying that "the magistrate of the Qing Dynasty in three years, 100000 snowflakes and silver". In addition, his father was also a famous scholar, and he was especially good at textual research. He wrote books such as "Tang Yun examination", "Du Lushu", "Yutai new singing examination". As the son of a mayor and scholar, Ji Yun's growing environment should also create his cultural heritage.

Although Ji Xiaolan is "iron teeth and copper teeth", he is a bit stuttered, but although he stutters, he is quick witted and quick witted. Although his words are not neat, they can be said at the point. In particular, the speed of the pair is very fast. Qianlong himself is a super fan of literature and art, so there is no lack of Ji Yun around. In addition, it is said in the historical books that he is "short-sighted in appearance", which means that he is ugly, and it is said that he is also black and short. Short sightedness is probably today's myopia. Ji Xiaolan is very studious, and the ancient lighting is not good. It is estimated that he got a short-sighted eye when he was young.

It should be noted that Qianlong is 13 years older than Ji Xiaolan, and Ji Xiaolan is 26 years older than he Xuan. So although the three people are of the same period, they are not like the ones in the TV series.

Four hobbies

Mr. Ji has four hobbies in his life, which many people may not know. First hobby, good books. This hobby is well understood. If you don't study day and night, how can you become a literary giant. It's said that Ji Xiaolan can't let go of her book. Even when she eats and goes to the toilet, she has to hold a book in her hand. It can be said that she loves books and becomes infatuated with them. No wonder she becomes myopic early.

The second biggest hobby, good smoke. This hobby has been shown incisively and vividly in the TV series, and the real Ji Xiaolan's love for cigarettes is no less than that of books. Basically, we have to smoke when we eat and go to the toilet, especially when we read books, and even when we compile books in the Imperial Academy. And his nickname, Ji big tobacco bag, is indeed well-known. His tobacco bag is specially made, with a length of 2 meters, a diameter of 5 cm, and a capacity of 2 liang dry tobacco at a time. Ordinary people can't use such a huge tobacco bag at all. According to the field records of the Qing Dynasty, he was also very particular about his cigarettes. He often added sugar, petals and even some honey to the cut tobacco. Such exquisite cut tobacco may not be much worse than Cuban cigars.

Third, good meat. The good meat here is about liking meat. It's estimated that a lot of people will not agree with it. Will they like meat soon? Can you eat more than me? How much does Ji Xiaolan like eating meat? In the Grand View of Qing Dynasty's wild history, Ji Wenda said: 'Ji Wenda only ate Valley noodles, but rice was never eaten. Only ten plates of pork and a pot of tea. 'according to Volume 2 of the book "the sound of insects", Ji Wenda said to himself that he was a wild monster who turned around and ate meat without grain. There is a comment from Zhaobi after the ceremony of Prince Dai Shan: 'Xiaolan Zongbo is still lustful this year. He eats a few Jin of meat every day and doesn't eat a grain all day. It's amazing. 'that is to say, Ji Yun almost only eats meat in his whole life. He doesn't eat a grain of rice. To be honest, normal people can't stand it.

Fourth, lust. It's estimated that there are many people who are not angry about lust. What is lust? Men are lustful, but Ji Xiaolan's lust is really not comparable to ordinary people. It's also a Book of insects, which records: 'Ji Wenda, a male and a female official in Japan. Five drums are like a dynasty, a return home, a noon, a twilight, a temporary lie. Those who are indispensable. In addition, those who enjoy the pleasure are often lucky. According to sun Jing'an's "wild ride in Qixia Pavilion", He Jian's Ji wendagong said that if he didn't keep his daughter for a day, his skin would crack and his muscles would crack. 'there's another story. Ji Xiaolan lived in the unit for several days because he had to work overtime when compiling the Siku encyclopedia. One day, Qianlong met him and found that his eyes were about to burst out and his face was red. He thought that he was ill and hurriedly asked whether he was ill. Ji Xiaolan said that he was ill or there was no woman for several days. Emperor Qianlong laughed and gave them to Ji Xiaolan. Later, he became Ji Xiaolan's concubine. It can be seen how lustful Ji Xiaolan is, but it can also be understood that people who eat meat for a long time will continue to increase their sexual desire, not to mention people like Ji Xiaolan who are addicted to meat and become crazy.

It is worth mentioning that Ji Xiaolan married seven wives in her whole life. One wife plus six concubines caught up with trinket, which did not waste her reputation as a talented man.

The relationship with Qianlong and hexu

Ji Xiaolan in the TV play seems to have the same status as he Xuan in Qianlong's eyes, but in fact, he can't compare with him. Take Jiyun's greatest achievement in his life, Sikuquanshu. When compiling Sikuquanshu, he juan was Ji Xiaolan's immediate supervisor, that is to say, he juan was the leader of compiling Sikuquanshu. Ji Xiaolan's so-called "chief editor" was just a leader of practical work. Their relationship was similar to that of the president and executive of some enterprises today Chief executive officer.

In terms of his position, he Tan can be said to be a master. In terms of his title, he is the first-class loyal official, and the first-class official can be said to be the highest official besides the clan (not counting the kings with different surnames at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty). In addition, he also served as a bachelor in the wenhuadian, chief cabinet, Chief Military Secretary, Minister of civil affairs, Minister of household, Minister of punishment, Minister of Li Fan yuan. He also served as the head of the internal affairs office and the Imperial Academy There are dozens of important positions, such as the Bachelor in charge of the Academy, the chief editor of Sikuquanshu, the minister in charge of the bodyguard, and the commander of the Bu army. Ji Xiaolan did not become a minister of the Ministry of military until he was in his 70s. Later, he moved to the Minister of the Ministry of government. Most of them were honorary. His actual power was far less than that of he.

In addition, the relationship between Qianlong and Ji Xiaolan shown in the TV series seems to be very good, but in fact, the emperor of Qianlong, although he is more inseparable from him, does not respect him very much. Qian Long once commented on Ji Xiaolan as follows: 'Ji Yun was originally a useless and corrupt scholar, but there were not enough. Kuang Yi was not familiar with the criminal name incident, and his eyes were short-sighted, so he failed to read it carefully during the examination. 'it's a little bit heavy, which means that this man's literary literacy is really good, but he can't do a big job in cultural work. Once, Ji Xiaolan, a good friend's son, was a cabinet bachelor. He offended Emperor Qianlong. Ji Xiaolan went to beg for love, and just said two words. Emperor Qianlong scolded: "I think you are a little literate, and I just gave you a chief editor of the four library books. In fact, you are just as good as a prostitute and an actor. How dare you talk about state affairs casually? 'it can be seen that for Ji Xiaolan, Emperor Qianlong only valued his literary talents. Ji Xiaolan can't have the same harmonious relationship with Emperor Qianlong in the TV series. His position in the emperor's heart is far from that of he Xuan. Therefore, in history, he didn't and dare not face him.

Ji Yun died in Beijing at the age of 82 in Jiaqing ten years ago. Because he was' quick to learn, he could write, and was granted the title of "Wenda" (inscription granted by Emperor Jiaqing), so his posthumous title was "Wenda". Therefore, later generations also called him "Ji Wenda Gong". It is a wonder that he can enjoy such a long life as a man who is good at smoking, meat and lust. I have read the famous work of Ji Yun in his later years, yueweicaotang notes, which is similar to Liaozhaizhiyi in content, but not inferior to Liaozhai in the slightest. Interested friends should read this work. Although it is not as amazing and delicate as Liaozhai, it also shows the style of a generation of literary masters in the simple and plain.