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What's the best gift for your girlfriend on the seventh day of 2017

What's the best gift for Chinese Valentine's Day Chinese Valentine's day -- the Chinese Valentine's Day is about to arrive. The majority of male compatriots are starting to dig hollow ideas to give their girlfriends gifts. All kinds of gifts available on the Internet feel low? The following small editor will summarize some of the most innovative small gifts, and I can't help loving you!

1. Homemade gifts: for example, fold 11 roses out of a specific paper and tell her that you will love her wholeheartedly, and she will be moved to the point where she can't. You can also write (copy) a beautiful paragraph in the paper rose.

2. Very special gifts: such as Yongsheng flower, Thailand Baohua flower, creative doll, gold foil flower, cartoon bouquet, music pillow and so on. They are fashionable and special. Pack them well. Thai flowers symbolize the eternal beauty of love, which means that girls will be moved and the price is not expensive.

3. Special version Doll: you can buy a general comparative doll, and then add something to it by yourself, such as a sentence, so the cost is not expensive and very special. You can also send real-life cartoon figures.

4. Customized Jewelry: this kind of gift is very thoughtful. Her name can be engraved on necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc. This will make her remember you forever.

5. Flowers: no woman doesn't like flowers. You can send them at ease. If you pay more attention to the way of sending flowers, it will be better. Moreover, it's easy to make a surprise by putting some thought into the form of sending flowers. For example, don't tell her in advance, order flowers online and send them to her. Of course, there are other gifts after the flowers. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

6. Custom color changing water cup. You can print her picture in the cup. When the special cup is filled with hot water above 45 degrees, it will show the pattern. It makes sense, and the water glass represents a lifetime.

7. Crystal gifts: for example, crystal music box, crystal make-up mirror, women have no resistance to pure and flawless crystal.

8, a very intimate gift: you can prepare some small gifts such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, lipstick, etc., and put them in a beautiful box, spread rose petals in the box, and leave a card to write a warm word. This gift is very thoughtful. It's hard for a woman not to be moved.