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What is glory play? What's the power of glory play

Previously, Zhao Ming, President of glory, said at the glory 10 thank you meeting that glory play will have very powerful technology, so it's natural to be curious. Today, glory official officially confirmed the release date of glory play. This new machine will be the flagship of glory 2018. The name of glory play has been confirmed. The release date will be June 6.

From the information exposed today, glory play will adopt breakthrough technology. The new plane will be officially launched on June 6 in Beijing University Gymnasium, and the spokesman will continue to be Sun Yang, the spokesman of glory. It is reported that the machine will have a breakthrough creation in 4D game AI experience, and has 16 million AI photography functions, which people are looking forward to very much.

At present, the information about the glory play configuration has not been exposed. In recent days, techweb will follow up the report and bring you the latest news about the new machine. Are you looking forward to this glorious new machine with 'scary technology'?