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How to print the teacher qualification certificate of primary and secondary schools in 2018

The students who have taken the teacher's qualification certificate have come to see it. If they have taken the written test, they will have an interview soon. What is the process of the interview? Editor summed up an interview process, to the majority of candidates, come and have a look.

In the first half of 2018, the qualification examination (interview) for primary and secondary school teachers will be held on May 19-20, 2018 (extended to May 21 or 22 in some provinces and regions, subject to the time arrangement on the examination permit). Candidates who have successfully applied for the examination can start on May 14 (different in some provinces and regions, subject to the arrangement of interview announcement requirements in their own provinces) and log in to the registration system for downloading and printing Textual research. Understand the location, time and relevant information of the interview, and arrive at the examination site for the interview according to the number and time indicated on the examination permit. Candidates must show their examination permit and ID card to accept the examination by the examination staff.

Examination permit printing process

1、 Log in to the official website of registration (www.ntce. CN) please log in with PC instead of mobile phone

2、 In the 'online registration' area on the right side of the website, select the province you applied for and enter the system

3、 Fill in "name", "ID No.", "login password" in the web interface to log in, and the system will generate the examination permit according to the candidates' registration information.

4、 According to the prompts, find the 11 'interview pass' process link, and download the PDF pass file according to the prompts

5、 After downloading, check the personal information carefully and print it directly into the examination permit.


Print two copies: both black and white and color can be printed. It is recommended that candidates print two copies and one for standby (do not put them together to avoid losing them at the same time).

Refer to inspection: after the candidates receive the examination permit, check the examination room in advance, be familiar with the bus route, and ensure to take the examination on time.

The examination certificate must not be missing: when examinees take part in the examination, they must hold their own examination permit and valid identity documents (resident ID card, temporary ID card, military ID card, armed police personnel ID card, passport) to enter the examination hall. If one is missing, they are not allowed to take part in the examination.

Interview process

1. approach

Enter the examination room: candidates will enter the waiting room with their pass card and resident ID card to complete the identity verification.

2. draw questions

Enter the examination room: the candidates log in the interview evaluation software system, extract the interview questions (kindergarten category can choose one of the two questions extracted), and print the list of interview questions.

3. preparing lessons

Enter the preparation room: candidates take the examination permit, test list and preparation (activity design) paper to enter the preparation room and write the lesson plan (design activity demonstration scheme). The preparation time is 20 minutes in total.

4. interview

Candidates will submit the examination permit and test list to the interviewer. The interview is conducted in a structured way, mainly including the following steps:

① Answer the required questions: the interviewer randomly selects two specified questions from the test question bank through the interview evaluation system, informs the examinee of the questions and asks the examinee to start to answer them. The time is about 5 minutes.

② Audition: the examinee begins the audition (demonstration) for 10 minutes.

③ Reply: the interviewer will ask 2 questions and ask the examinee to answer them according to the examinee's trial (demonstration) situation. The time is about 5 minutes.

5. departure

Candidates submit the teaching plan (activity demonstration plan) to the interviewer and leave the interview room in time.