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How old are children in treason? How should children get along rebellious children are contrary to the requirements of teachers and parents. The more you want him to do, the more he will do it. How old is the average child in rebellion? Let's see below for details.

How old is the child

1. Age characteristics - the peak age of rebellious behavior is around 14 years old.

2. Gender characteristics - more boys than girls are rebellious.

3. Characteristics of Education - students with poor academic performance are more rebellious than students with good academic performance.

4. Inducement characteristics - mainly reflected in the fierce confrontation between parents and children or between teachers and students.

5. Behavior characteristics - most rebellious teenagers don't care about the consequences of their behavior and do some very extreme things, such as long-term Internet cafes, or even vagrancy and begging, gambling, illegal and criminal activities, etc.

How parents get along with rebellious children

1. Parents should see their children's growth, respect their children's self-esteem, establish a close and equal friendship with them, and allow their children to participate in family management.

2. Parents should believe that their children have the ability to deal with things independently, and support them as much as possible. When they encounter difficulties and failures, they should encourage comfort and praise them if they succeed.

3. Parents should have the courage to ask their children for advice and to admit their mistakes.

Children understand their parents. Parents need to be respected by their children. Most of them regard their children's happiness as their own life. Their advice is often the summary of their own life experience, which has certain reference value. As children, they should often talk about their thoughts and activities to their parents. When one's choice is against one's parents' wishes, one should solve it through consultation and present facts to prove that one's choice is right.

What is treason

Rebellious period refers to the period when teenagers are in the transition of psychology. Their independent consciousness and self-consciousness are increasing day by day, and they are eager to get rid of the guardianship of adults (especially parents). They object to their parents regarding themselves as children, but as adults. In order to show their 'extraordinary', they tend to be critical of everything.

It is because they feel or worry that the outside world ignores their own independent existence that the rebellious psychology comes into being. Rebellious psychology is not a kind of unhealthy psychology, but it is a kind of abnormal psychology when it reacts strongly.