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How to deal with anxiety before college entrance examination

How to deal with anxiety before college entrance examination it's only a few days before the 2018 college entrance examination. Many students have put down their test papers and relaxed their mind. In fact, the most important thing is to adjust their mind and calmly deal with the college entrance examination. However, for those friends with poor psychological quality, anxiety is inevitable before the college entrance examination. Let's take a look at some tips to relieve anxiety.

How to deal with anxiety before examination

Before the college entrance examination and in preparation for the examination, every senior three student will have pressure, so it is normal to be nervous and anxious before the examination. The appropriate pressure before the college entrance examination is helpful for the examinee's review. However, if the pressure is too high, it will also cause some students' excessive tension and anxiety, which will affect the normal performance of the college entrance examination.

Before the college entrance examination, examinees should adjust their psychology properly, understand the college entrance examination correctly, and establish reasonable examination objectives according to their study results and review. Too high a goal can cause too much tension and anxiety for examinees. Through the appropriate adjustment of their own pressure, so as to ensure that in the college entrance examination to achieve excellent results.

In fact, for examinees, when the degree of anxiety is too low or too high, the learning efficiency is very low. Only when the anxiety is appropriate, the learning efficiency is the highest. Therefore, the examinee should correctly understand the test anxiety and keep calm to face the college entrance examination.

How to relieve the anxiety before college entrance examination

Many examinees are getting closer and closer to the college entrance examination, which will cause great pressure and anxiety before the examination. At this time, candidates can take appropriate emotional catharsis to adjust. Candidates can find one or two students, relatives or friends who have a good relationship with them, and talk to them about things in their hearts to relieve the pressure. Of course, you can also find a quiet place to cry or laugh, one to ease your anxiety.

Many examinees are faced with the anxiety of college entrance examination mainly from their parents. Parents should treat the college entrance examination with their usual mind, and do not talk about it in silence or too much, which will bring pressure to examinees. Parents can talk about the college entrance examination with their children properly before the examination. As long as they pay attention to their children properly, they can give up all their time and energy to their children, which will bring the burden of love to the examinees.

There is also a good way to relieve the tension and anxiety before the college entrance examination, which is psychological suggestion. Examinee gives oneself some basis before the exam, express to believe oneself ability can take the college entrance examination well. Before the exam, say to yourself, 'I'm the best', 'I'm sure to succeed' and so on.