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May 28 NBA Finals Knight vs Celtic live address and Prospect

At 08:30 on May 28, Beijing time, the NBA finals were broadcast live by Cleveland vs. Celtic. Cleveland Cavaliers to save the match point to 3 draw, they will visit Boston Celtic on the 28th. LeBron will continue to dominate in life and death. He will play more aggressively to drive the team. In the absence of Loew, other players of the Cavaliers will come forward to contribute. They hope to win Game 7 and return to the Finals again. Celtic have proved themselves at home. What they have to do is to continue their previous excellent performance. Horford, brown, Tatum and others have to rise at home. They want to win and advance to the finals.

Live time: 08:30, May 28

Live address: 5/

In the first three games of the Eastern Conference finals in Boston, the Celtics all won, and this year's playoffs they won 10-0 at home. Historically, the Cavaliers and Celtics have played game 7 twice in the playoffs, winning one on each side and winning by the home team. On May 18, 1992, the Cavaliers defeated Celtic 122-104 at home. On May 19, 2008, the Cavaliers lost 92-97 to Celtic. The Cavaliers led by LeBron have played the 7th decisive battle in 4 games, with a record of 2-2. They have won the last two times, namely, the 7th guest win over the warriors in the 2016 finals and the 7th home win over the Pacers in the 2018 first round.

Expected starting lineup of both sides

Cavaliers: Hill, Smith, LeBron, green, Thompson

Celtic: rocil, brown, Tatum, Horford, Baines