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Who is ayawawa? Why CCTV criticized ayawawa Recently, ayawawa, the controversial internet celebrity and "emotional leader", has aroused public anger due to a speech. Ayawawa was criticized by CCTV. On May 22, ayawawa was banned by Weibo for six months because of her serious and improper comments on comfort women. Last night, CCTV's Newsweek criticized ayawawa for 10 minutes, saying that it used some people's gender anxiety to seek profits for itself, taught people to "slave" and broke through the bottom line.

You think she's giving emotional lectures? In fact, she may be in the lecture business. Do you think she is patient and loves the people? In fact, they may love RMB. But there are still 3 million fans behind the irresistible strange talk, which is the status quo. It's easy to dismantle such a big V, but how to build more people's hearts?

Ayawawa, formerly known as Yang Bingyang, began to mix with the Internet in 2001. Three years later, his fame in maopu reached its peak. His early image was dominated by sexy photos. From 2005 to 2007, I started to blog, and then I started to work in offline media. Since the advent of the media era in 2009, she began to transform her writing of emotional books, mostly from emotional columns written on blogs, coupled with the theory of evolutionary psychology, to create a new system.

Ayawawa has a famous saying: "the one who is prettier than me is not as smart as me, and the one who is smarter than me is not as beautiful as me.". If that's the logic, she should keep burning. But it's a pity that she finally lost in what she called "cleverness".