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How to adjust the temperature of Haier refrigerator in summer

Sihaiwang: we need to use refrigerators all year round, and the temperature set by refrigerators all year round is also different. The temperature of the refrigerator needs to be set, so that different temperatures can be set according to different seasons, so as to save more power and benefit the service life of the refrigerator.

Notes on temperature regulation of Haier refrigerator

1、 Adjust the temperature according to the season

There are four seasons in a year. The outdoor temperature will change with the seasons. The external temperature will also affect the internal temperature of the refrigerator. Therefore, the temperature of the refrigerator at home should also be adjusted according to the changes of the weather. However, when the temperature difference between winter and summer is large, it is the time when the refrigerator temperature needs to be adjusted most at home, so as to achieve power saving and ensure the quality of food freezing.

2. Reasonable selection of temperature saves more power

Generally, the refrigerator temperature control rotary button has 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 gears. The larger the number is, the lower the temperature of the refrigerator room will be, and the better the refrigeration effect will be. In general, in spring and autumn, we only need to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator to 3 gears. In summer, we need to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator to 1 or 2 gears, which will save electricity.

3. Avoid damaging the compressor in the wrong way

Some people may use the wrong adjustment method. It's wrong to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator very high in winter and very low in summer. If you adjust the temperature of the refrigerator to very low in summer, the refrigerator will work all the time to reach the set temperature, and the compressor will run under load, while the temperature in winter is set high, so the refrigerator can't keep fresh at all It has great influence on the compressor.