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Brief introduction of short tailed Ryukyu

When selecting, it is necessary to look at both sides in parallel, otherwise it is difficult to see the body shape defects. The right one is not greedy for the large one. Usually, it is better to find a good one from a school of fish over 6cm, because the size of the fish is basically stable.

Brief introduction of short tail Ryukyu - how to appreciate short tail Ryukyu?

Brief introduction of short tailed Ryukyu

Ryukin is a Chinese cultural fish that was introduced into Kyushu, Japan, through Ryukyu, a Japanese country. It is named Ryukin (Japanese: Ryukin), also known as gilding, gilding and flowing gold. Because it looks like Chinese Wenyu, it is also called Japanese Wenyu.

The introduced Wenyu was improved into Ryukin by the Japanese and became one of the representative varieties of Japanese goldfish. Ryukin is resistant to disease, easy to feed and suitable for side viewing. In Japan, Ryukin in China has become a synonym for high-grade goldfish, among which the improved wide tailed Ryukin, which is made of fluorescein and Longjing butterfly tail, is in short supply.

According to the records of Chinese professor Chen Zhen (1955), Japanese Songjing Jiayi (1934) and Xionggu Xiaoliang (1978): the earliest time for Chinese goldfish to be introduced into Japan is about 1502 or 1602 (Ming Dynasty), and it was transported to Japan from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the trade port at that time; later, it was transported to Japan's port for many times by the trade port, according to Wu Huisheng (1997); this species is 1771 ~ This type of goldfish was introduced into Japan from Taiwan in 1778. It is now one of the best-selling varieties in Japan. The red and white goldfish are most popular among breeders. As early as 1596, Zhang Qiande's "vermilion fish manual" has been recorded.

How to appreciate the short tailed fish?

1. Body circle:

The body is close to a perfect circle. The back bow on the back of the head should be symmetrical with the arc of the belly below. The upper and lower parts are semicircles, which is very important for the short tail Ryukin.

2. Back arch height:

After the end of the head, the back together should be very high. The angle between the back and the head should be greater than 90 degrees. After the back arch rises rapidly, it should drop immediately. The angle of rising and falling should be the same, so as to meet the effect of high back.

3. Short tail fin:

The shorter the tail, the better. When breeding, it is necessary to ensure that the water flow in the tank is small and a certain amount of food is fed. In this way, it can ensure that Ryukin's tail will not be very developed. On the contrary, the larger the dorsal fin, the ventral fin and the pectoral fin, the better. The dorsal fin should be vertical, high and upright. If the ventral fin is low, it will appear that the fish's body is higher and give people a special spiritual and powerful visual feeling.

4. Rat head glass eye round mouth:

It's better to use the mouse head. If the eyes are glass eyes (both the eyes and the eyes are black), it's better to choose both of them. This kind of eyes looks like fish, and the mouth is better to choose round and honest.

5. Scales:

The arrangement should be close, and the hard scales of the five flower and cherry varieties should not be more than 6.

6. Color:

According to personal preference, the proportion of red and white should be between 6:4 and 7:3. It is better to coordinate the proportion of red and white on both sides of the body.

7. Purchase:

When selecting, you should look parallel to both sides, otherwise it's hard to see the body shape defects. The right one doesn't want to look big. Usually, you can find a better one from a school of fish over 6cm, because the size of the fish is basically stable. If you raise it properly, Ryukin's body shape will be maintained.