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How to connect the WiFi of Haier refrigerator to the mobile phone? How to turn on the WiFi of Haier

Sihai network: with the development of science and technology, more and more home appliances are using mobile phones for remote control. Natural refrigerators are no exception. Haier's new refrigerators can use WiFi for remote control. How to use WiFi?

How to use WiFi in Haier refrigerator

1. First of all, make sure that your Haier refrigerator has WiFi function. Only refrigerators with this function can be used. Old refrigerators do not.

2、 Search for 'Haier Youjia' in the mobile mall or app download software, and then download the APP.

3. After downloading the app, click the Add option above, select the refrigerator, and then connect to the corresponding refrigerator. It is necessary to ensure that the WiFi mode of the refrigerator is turned on, and then continue to operate according to the prompts. Then enter the router account and password to be connected, and finally click OK.

4. In this way, the refrigerator can be connected to WiFi. At this time, we can control various operations of the refrigerator through the mobile app.

How to turn on the WiFi configuration mode of Haier refrigerator

First, power on the refrigerator, and then press and hold the "clean" and "smart" buttons on the display board for about 3 seconds. At this time, the computer board of the refrigerator will ring, and then the refrigerator will enter the WiFi configuration mode. After entering the configuration mode, the WiFi icon will flash, which means that the connection is successful.

Now all kinds of household appliances use mobile phones to control refrigerators remotely, which is no exception. Haier's new refrigerators can use WiFi to control refrigerators remotely. How to use WiFi in refrigerators?

Notes on binding WiFi to Haier refrigerator

1. Opening the configuration must be done on the refrigerator.

2. After the refrigerator is bound successfully, if the remote control is carried out, the refrigerator display will light up, and the corresponding changes will also be displayed. If you find that the refrigerator display automatically lights up and adjusts, make sure that your family is using remote control.

3. According to the specific model configuration, the mobile terminal can enter its own interface and functions, and the actual display of the mobile terminal shall prevail.

4. When binding the device, the mobile phone needs to use WiFi for connection. Make sure that the WiFi connected to the mobile phone and the WiFi to be connected to the refrigerator are the same device, otherwise the binding cannot be performed.

5. If the refrigerator WiFi device has been bound successfully before and has not been deleted, the app will automatically skip the binding phase.