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Why are mosquitoes more at night? How to prevent mosquito bites

Although summer is beautiful, but the most annoying thing is to be bitten by mosquitoes, itchy and painful and unable to sleep. So why do mosquitoes choose to bite at night and not in the daytime? How to prevent mosquito bites? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Why don't mosquitoes come out during the day

This is determined by the living habits of animals. It is safer to hunt and protect yourself at night. Mosquitoes have poor vision. It doesn't matter whether they are light or not. Most mosquitoes forage in the evening or at dawn, because the dry heat in the summer day will dehydrate them to death, so they usually stay in the hidden and humid places during the day, and only come out in the evening and at night. The mosquitoes that move at dawn or in the evening are usually Culex and Anopheles.

What mosquito will bite in the daytime

Not all mosquitoes come out at night to bite, and some come out during the day. There are many kinds of mosquitoes, and their activities are not the same. Some species like to move in the daytime, high temperature and low humidity. They move frequently from morning to afternoon. They stop after dark. Aedes is the mosquito that bites people in the daytime. We should do a good job of mosquito control in both day and night.

It's believed that many people find that mosquitoes are rarely seen in the daytime, especially at night or in the morning. What's the matter? Why don't mosquitoes come out and bite people in the daytime?

How to prevent mosquito bites

1. Screens and bed nets should be installed in summer. No matter repellent water or fumigating vinegar, it is not as safe and reliable as physical mosquito control.

2. You can put some orange peel, star anise, anise, etc. in the room to drive away mosquitoes, because mosquitoes don't like the special smell of these things.

3. In the house, those places that are easy to accumulate water, such as pots and pans, floor drains, sewers, flowerpots, etc., should be cleaned in time, and those with lids should be covered, and those who can change water should change water frequently.

4. If the use of screens and nets will still bring in some mosquitoes, you can use some mosquito repellent products, such as mosquito repellent incense and liquid.

5. It's best to wear light colored clothes when going out in summer. Mosquitoes like to wear dark clothes. Because mosquitoes generally live in the dark environment, dark clothes are just in line with their visual habits. Moreover, dark clothes absorb more heat in summer, which will raise people's temperature and attract mosquitoes easily.

6, after sports sweat, wash immediately, do not use perfume, moisturizing lotion and other cosmetics, because mosquitoes love high temperature, sweating easily.