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Highlights of Xiaomi 8 conference look ahead to see which new black technology products will appear

Highlights of Xiaomi 8 conference look ahead to see which new black technology products will appear as time goes by, it's more than half in 2018. Mobile phone manufacturers are also releasing their flagship in the first half of the year. For example, hammer released nut R1 some time ago, followed by one plus six.

At the end of the first half of 2018, Xiaomi announced that it would hold a new product launch in Shenzhen on May 31. According to the Convention, Xiaomi will release Xiaomi 7 at this conference. But from the publicity point of view, the annual flagship that Xiaomi will release in this conference is not Xiaomi 7, but Xiaomi 8 - because this year is the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi company.

At the same time, according to Xiaomi's official microblog, the "press conference at the end of the month may be the most new product of Xiaomi in 8 years", which makes people full of expectations for Xiaomi's press conference.

So what kind of black technology products will be released in this millet conference?

Xiaomi 8 recognized by structured light

On May 22, Lei Jun directly announced "Xiaomi 8, a masterpiece of eight years' struggle" on Weibo, revealing that Xiaomi would skip Xiaomi 7 product code and come to Xiaomi 8 directly.

The biggest feature of Xiaomi 8 product is that it uses a 'Liu Haiping' on the front, which is different from that of Android camp. The Liu Hai of Xiaomi 8 should be wider. According to the leaked front panel pictures, the area of Liu Hai of Xiaomi 8 is equivalent to that of iPhone X.

This is because Xiaomi 8 uses the same 3D structured light facial recognition technology as iPhone X. so far, Xiaomi 8 is the first Android mobile phone adopting 3D structured light facial recognition.

It's worth noting that there is also a stream of Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint unlocking video on the network. At this time, we have a question: there is already a reliable face recognition technology, why carry screen fingerprint recognition?

Guess it's probably because of Android's open-source features - at this stage, only Xiaomi uses 3D structured light face recognition, and the third-party application can't quickly adapt Xiaomi's individual face recognition. Xiaomi can only add fingerprint recognition to users.

But fortunately, Xiaomi 8 uses screen fingerprint recognition technology, which won't leave 'scars' on the mobile phone. With the development of follow-up facial recognition and the adaptation of third-party applications, users can completely cancel screen fingerprint and only use facial recognition.

Similar to the iPhone x, due to the use of 3D structured light face recognition, the front bangs become wider, and the Xiaomi 8 rear camera is changed to vertical.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi 8 will be equipped with Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, 6.01 inch banged full screen, AI camera supporting 2 times optical zoom, and standard 6GB memory.