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Why can Zui Linglong GUI Li sword stop witchcraft? What's the secret of Zui Linglong GUI Li sword Recently, Zui Linglong is on the air. Among them, Yuan Ling, played by Chen Weiting, uses GUI Li sword to resist the Dark Wizard. Why can GUI Li sword resist the Dark Wizard? What's the secret of Zui Linglong yuan Ling Gui Li sword? Let's find out one by one!

What's the function of Zui Linglong yuan Ling Gui Li sword

It turns out that Guili sword is a sword worn by Emperor Taizu when he ascended Jingyun mountain to command the nine kingdoms and unify the world. It has been passed down to later generations, and it is said that those who can get this sword will get the world. This also implies that Yuanling regrets becoming a king. The floating sword in Qingchen's hand is the sword of empress Mingzhao, the founding empress of China. The two swords together have the reputation of being one in the world and Gemini.

Why can GUI Li sword resist the witchcraft of the Dark Wizard

There are two reasons for this. At the same time, it may be related to lianfei, Yuanling's mother. According to the plot, lianfei should also be a member of the witch family. Today, Yuanan, the emperor, killed her brother and won the throne 20 years ago. However, the witch family did not clean up the palace and straighten out the country because of considering the enemy country. But the first emperor saw that things were settled. He pitied the innocent people and finally gave up the throne. Instead, he first established the present emperor Yuan'an. However, King Ling is not the flesh and blood of Lian Fei and Yuan'an, but the flesh and blood of Lian Fei and the first emperor, the elder brother of the Emperor today. So Yuan'an hated Ling Wang deeply, and dealt with him quickly. One is to take revenge on being "green", the other is to never let people know how he became the emperor. But the identity of Lian Fei is very mysterious. What is the relationship between Lian Fei and GUI Li Jian? It should be revealed later.

The description of Guili sword in the original book

Qing Chen said lightly: 'GUI Li sword was once the sword worn by Emperor Taizu when he ascended Jingyun mountain and ordered nine countries to rule the world a hundred years ago. It is the most precious treasure of the royal family. It was lost in an internal turmoil in the eighth year of Emperor Taizong's reign. Therefore, it is said that those who got this sword got the world. "Night day Ling lips escape silk invisible smile, said: 'it's just a legend, a sword is just a sword no matter how. 'Qingchen said:' but there are countless people in the world who will believe that the sword is not given to you by the emperor of heaven. No one in the royal family, except you and Xi'an, must know that Guili sword can reappear. You should not have taken it with you when you went to the main altar of the Styx building. "Ye Tianling didn't deny her conjecture, and said: 'you know more about the origin and development of Guili sword than I thought. Then you can see that its sword chirps, indicating that the Lord uses the alarm? That day, Guili sword was very unusual, and the alarm rang frequently, until entering the valley, it was quiet. 'I see. 'Qingchen looks at Jueling, the peak in front of him, and thinks deeply. Suddenly, he says with a smile:' fourth brother, the floating sword is here. 'night Tianling is a little surprised:' what? '' floating sword. 'Qing chendao:' it's complementary to Guili sword. It was once the sword of the founding queen of the dynasty, empress Mingzhao. The fourth brother should have heard about it. '