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When will 5g network be popularized and used? When will 5g mobile phones go on the market

Four seas network: 5g network business will undoubtedly be the most participatory network for ordinary consumers. Because of the high-speed characteristics of 5g network, the transmission speed of 10Gb per second is 100 times that of 4G network, which makes a series of technologies such as VR, AR, Internet of things come to the ground.

As for the question "5g communication technology will come out next year (2019), is it suitable to buy mobile phones this year?" I think it can be bought, because in my opinion, the specific reasons for buying 4G mobile phones are as follows:

First of all, we need to be clear that the standard of 5g network has not yet been determined. According to the latest information released by Samsung Electronics, 3GPP will hold the final meeting in Busan, South Korea, 5g mobile communication standard from May 21 to 25, at which all contents of 3GPP R15 standard will be determined.

That is to say, only then can the first complete 5g commercial standard be confirmed to be successful. After the standard is confirmed, telecom operators need to invest a lot of infrastructure in order to improve the 5g network.

Second, the earlier 5g phones were just 'mice'. Although Qualcomm, one of the 5g leaders, has announced that it will actually realize 5g in 2019, and 5g mobile phones with snapdragon X50 chip will appear as early as 2019. However, it should be noted that Qualcomm's specific explanation for the early launch of 5g is that we will spare no effort to help some radical regional enterprises in view of their eagerness to release some 5g compliant mobile phones later this year.

Moreover, Qualcomm also said that the current 5g download speed is between 1Gbps and 4.5gbps, and it is estimated that the initial speed is 2gbps or 4gbps, which is two or four times of the existing 4G / LTE network. That is to say, next year's so-called 5g mobile phone can only be called "blood version", which is not much different from the current 4G.

In addition, it does not include specific 5g package tariff, 5g actual available area and so on. It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of industry and information technology and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission recently jointly issued the opinions on the implementation of the 2018 special action to further promote network acceleration and cost reduction and accelerate the cultivation of new driving forces for economic development, which clearly stated that in 2018, China will carry out 5g pilot in many places; as for 5g fully put into commercial use, it will be 2020. And this "opinion" is also basically in line with the 5g mobile phone release expectations given by major mobile phone manufacturers.