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What's the meaning of "selling mother's approval"

What's the meaning of "selling mother's approval" in recent years, with the development of the Internet, there are endless network terms. Every few days, a new word will pop up and be widely spread. Recently, the word "selling mother's approval" is very popular. Do you know what it means? Where does it come from? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

The word "Ma selling and selling" has a long history and belongs to one of the commonly used swearing words in Sichuan dialect. Besides this, "I do not know if I should say something inappropriate" has always been a tangle in the film and TV drama, and the answer is, "inappropriate to say," things are much simpler. So now young people often have a lot of creativity when they use these swearing words. Its uniqueness probably lies in the tactful expression of your desire to curse and the modest solicitation of the other party's will.

I don't know where the source of "I don't know if I can't speak properly"

The word has become a popular online language from a micro blog that summarizes the cursing in an elegant way. It also includes words such as "if you don't mind, I'll fuck you next door", "forgive me to say you're a spicy chicken", "seeing is better than hearing, you're really a bad pen", and so on.

"I have a development experience of" I don't know what to say when I don't know what to say. "

Although the word "Ma Mai Pai" is a Sichuan dialect, it has become the above sentence pattern of the network catchword, which is widely used, not only among Sichuan people. Recently, we can see the figure of the word in various major post bar forums and other places. In addition, the expression pack "I have a sentence that my mother didn't know how to speak properly" has also been widely used and reproduced by netizens.

This is the introduction of the word. Said so many last warm prompt: dangerous action, do not imitate at will.