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Why is the iPhone on Taobao cheaper than the official website the iPhones on Taobao are basically assembled by Huaqiangbei. They have the same status in China as Putian shoes. Although they are inferior in material, they are not necessarily inferior in quality. I'll bet everyone here who dares to say that he hasn't passed through a pair of Putian goods?

Taobao's iPhone is cheap for its own reason. The price of some large websites is cheaper than that of official websites. The reason may be that the channel price is different. What we get is the factory price, so it's understandable. But the water in Taobao is very deep. Some iPhones whose price is too low to be frightening must be refurbished. They must not be brand-new. It's a lie to say brand-new.

Many sellers in Taobao may put the old parts together and change the serial number to make the buyer think that they have bought the genuine products. So it's possible that all the old parts sold to you are used by others for a long time, and there will be many problems with the mobile phone. In addition to the replacement of parts, it will also replace the accessories of the mobile phone, and use the refined imitation accessories to charge the new, so the profit will be higher.

Then it is possible to smuggle mobile phones and fake goods. Compared with domestic mobile phones, water mobile phones are not fakes, but generally refer to those smuggled mobile phones that are produced and sold abroad and flow into the domestic market through various channels without paying the taxes prescribed by the state.

If we buy a mobile phone on the official website, we will find that the invoice actually pays a lot of taxes. After avoiding these taxes, the price of the mobile phone will naturally decrease a lot. Shanzhai's mobile phone seems to be the cheapest one. I've seen it change to Android after I bought an iPhone on Taobao in the evening. Just like the fine imitation of clothes and shoes, the fine imitation of mobile phone can be flawless. Even if the Android system doesn't look carefully, it's an IOS. So when we buy mobile phones, we must not buy them easily because the price is too low. Too cheap mobile phone must have its own reason, good goods are not cheap hope that we can be vigilant when online shopping.