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20 things we must do before graduation in 2018

Graduation season is always very sad, leaving the familiar teachers and students, to the community, facing many unknown, this is a sad thing. It's always a good time for students. We must do these things before graduation, or we may not have a chance in the future.

1. No matter how introverted you used to be, you must speak or sing a song in front of the whole class. Even if you are the same as when you started school, introduce yourself again

2. Pay a visit to your most respected teacher and remember a piece of life experience carefully when you graduate

3. Be sure to tell the girl (boy) you like very seriously that I love you!

4. Be sure to walk back to "lover's road" or climb "lover's slope" with a girl (boy)

5. Even if you never drink, you must get drunk seriously once

6. In the rain of summer night, shout out the name of the person you have thought about many times. Don't be afraid that your voice is too loud to wake up many dreamers

7. Seriously in the canteen you don't like, and then taste the free soup in the canteen once, its smell will be remembered in many years

8. On a morning before the sun rises, take a step in field x, and compare the physical strength gap between those freshmen who are more lazy and sleepy

9. Don't write 'so and so come here for a tour' in the dormitory

10. Make up your mind that the activities of the class will not slip away this time

11. Wear a suit (suit) seriously, and see where you and 4 years ago have changed?

12. Spend an afternoon carefully sorting out one's own bookcase, which can be kept and which can not be left. In a book, did you see a long unknown note or someone's name?

13. When boys tidy their wardrobes, remember to give your jerseys to your students, CD to them, and take away the game discs

14. In the campus, if there is a mountain, please remember to climb again, if there is water, please remember to swim again

15. Remember to leave every contact method that you think should be a friend, and then give them the phone number of your new unit

16. Finally, I have to go. I'll cut my hair again and let myself leave in a new way. Then, I'll start in a new way

17. Remember to return your ID card, the table, chair and stool that accompanied you for 4 years. We don't advocate that you would rather pay a fine than leave your library card, student card, medical card, canteen meal card... But we understand that

18. Thesis defense may be the last class assignment in your life. Please write every word carefully

19. The bed that I slept with you for 4 years, please remember to take a picture with it

20. Give everyone you can as much as possible. You should understand that they are your classmates for 4 years, and one of them may be the last time you can see them!