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2018 Thomas and Uber cups semi finalist schedule

2018 Thomas and Uber cups will be played in semi-finals. The Chinese men's team beat the Chinese Taipei team 3-0 and will compete with the Indonesian team for the final in the top four games; the Chinese women's team even passed the 3-1 Reverse Elimination of the Danish team under the condition that Chen Yufei lost one game first, and the Chinese women's team will be the host Thailand team in the semi-final.

The Thomas and Uber cups are ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 2018 Tang Yu Cup semi final schedule:

Uber Cup

At 13:00 on May 25, Japan vs. Korea, Thailand vs. China;

The Thomas cup:

At 19:00 on May 25, China vs. Indonesia; Japan vs. Denmark.

Yubei Japan vs South Korea South Korea hard to block Japan's progress

South Korea won the Uber Cup in 2010, but the overall strength of the team has declined significantly, whether in singles or doubles. In the last eight of the UEFA Cup, South Korea played against black horse Canada, and Cheng Chi Hyun unexpectedly lost 14-21 and 15-21 to Li Wenshan. Japan's women's singles team has just reached the top of the world's first Yamaguchi, new world championship champion Aoyuan hope, the overall strength is obviously superior to South Korea's team.

Three pairs of women's doubles, Matsuyoshi / Takahashi, Fukushima Yuki / Guangtian Caihua, Miyuan Junichiro / Tanaka zhisui, are also the magic weapon of the Japanese women's team. These three pairs of women's doubles are ranked in the top five in the world. At present, only Li Shaoxi / Shen shengzan of the South Korean team ranks seventh in the world, and Zhang Yina / Li Shaoxi of the second pair ranks 16th in the world. The South Korean team only depends on dismantling the pair and reorganizing the new combination to seek change and impact the Japanese team, but the effect is difficult to guarantee.

Yubei China vs. Thailand: it's crucial to make a good start

Thailand can beat Indonesia to enter the last four, first of all, indanon won a single fittriani. Indonesia's one pair and two singles still have a certain strength, but when the two pairs and three singles duel, Thailand's putita / shaxili and single player Busan LAN, can be said to play at a super level in the cheering of the audience, and finally achieve a 3-2 reversal.

Whether the Chinese team can stabilize the situation in this game is very important. Moreover, the Chinese team should carefully study these opponents who are not usually careful. The Thai badminton is not the same now, and the opponents may have amazing energy at this time. Thailand can overturn Indonesia, China should also be prepared for the most difficult, it is possible to play the fifth decisive game. If Chen Yufei's single impact is not enough, the national team's coaching team can also consider taking the risk to let Gao Fangjie play a single, that is, to impact indanon. If he can win indanon, the later game will be relatively easier to play. Of course, we can also continue to give Chen Yufei a new one. With our strength of one pair, two singles and two doubles, we can fight against the opponent, and let Li xuerui continue to be the bottom guard of three singles.