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What perfume is best for men? 2017 best recommended for men's ten perfumes.

What perfume is best for men? 2017 best recommended for men's ten perfumes.

Sihai network: in today's society, perfume is not just a woman's proprietary product. Men need perfume to decorate themselves. They seem to be more manly. Perfume is undeniable and has its unique charm. The good use of men's perfume can not only show the charm, but also leave a good impression on the younger sister. So what's the best of 2017 men's perfume? The house recommends the ten most suitable perfume for men to ensure your charm is unstoppable.

No. 10 Bvlgari night in Darjeeling

The history of Bvlgari family can be traced back to the last century. In 1881, sorio Bogart, a Greek silversmith, came to Italy and opened his first shop in 1884. Soon after that, the shop was moved to No. 10, video contotti street, which is still the headquarters of the company. Suo Lio · Bvlgari's two sons, George and Costantino, expanded their family business from silver jewelry to various jewellery, and changed the brand name to BVLGARI. They began to open overseas companies in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and other places, and set up a BVLGARI hand watch company in Switzerland. Later, perfume became one of BVLGARI's products. Bvlgari in Italy is the third largest jewelry brand in the world after Cartier in France and Tiffany in the United States.

In 2006, Bvlgari launched the new Bvlgari Pour Homme soir bogley Dajiling night fragrance. The new design style is derived from the traditional essence of "honor" and "uniqueness" of Bvlgari.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: Floral

Top notes: black tea, orange blossom oil and bergamot.

Medium note: cardamom

Back tone: musk and amber.

General comment: This men's perfume is dedicated to natural elegant and confident men. The perfume is hidden in the charm. The steady and decisive style and the unexpected sexy make Darjeeling night fragrance more texture.

Ninth Ferragamo classic blue ocean

Ferragamo is the kingdom of women's shoes in Italy, which was born in 1927. Creativity, passion and resilience are the constant values of the Ferragamo family, which have been handed down from generation to generation. The late brand is not only based on women's shoes, but also has advanced clothing, bags, perfume, clothing accessories, etc.

In 2003, Ferragamo launched the Subtil Pour Homme blue classic men's perfume. The bottle body design is a classic and temperament perfume, showing a perfect curve.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: fresh floral

Front notes: citrus, lotus leaf, cardamom and ginger.

Medium notes: coriander, rose and violet

Post tune: Hiro Ka, dry amber, musk.

Comprehensive comment: this blue classic men's perfume has a unique sense of freshness, fresh citrus with aquatic plants, showing a clear and comfortable man, a clear blue, evoking men's restrained feelings, showing elegant dreams and fresh sexy! This reflects the Ferragamo man's pursuit of freedom and elegance.

Eighth Giorgio Armani black password

Giorgio Armani is one of the world's top fashion designers. Giorgio Armani was founded in 1975. It has won more than 30 global clothing awards in 14 years. In 1982, Armani became the first fashion designer to be on the cover of time magazine since Christine Middleton Dior in the 1940s. Armani's ready to wear features are fashion, noble, delicate and neutral, which fully show the simple, elegant and confident personality of urbanites, and are widely recognized by successful people and urban fashion group.

ARMANI has one of the most eye-catching perfume, the black code of men's perfume, the avant-garde sexy design, was named the most popular men's perfume in 2005.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: Oriental fresh

Front notes: lemon, lemon, orange blossom

Medium notes: Mediterranean spices

Post tune: Guaiac wood, East plus beans.

Comprehensive comment: it contains mysterious and unique temperament. If there is flirtation like nothing in the air, it is delicate and full of temptation, which is irresistible. When sprinkled on the skin, by the change of body temperature to send out more layers of odor, it is impossible to grasp.

Seventh Calvin Klein free flight

Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 as a fashion brand in the United States. Calvin Klein has won famous clothing awards for four times in a row, and its related products are emerging in an endless stream, with a tremendous momentum. Calvin Klein has been in the fashion world for 40 years and enjoys a great reputation. He is regarded as the representative of American fashion and embodies the full New York lifestyle.

Everyone likes CK because CK has a high reputation. Its perfume features are sexy, modern and minimalist. This CK free flying men's perfume fully reflects the minimalist and modern concept that CK wants to express to men.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: fresh wood

Front notes: vermouth, star anise, jackfruit and juniper berries.

Medium notes: tobacco, fragrant leaf, coffee, goat skin.

Post tune: cedar, patchouli, oak

Comprehensive comment: the wood fragrance sends out masculine breath. The light and steady blue tone reflects the breath of the sky, the ocean, the forest and the earth. Free from constraints, self release is most suitable for urban young, fashionable and business men.

Sixth Burberry British infatuation (black)

In 1856, founder Thomas Burberry opened a ready to wear shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, which was popular all over the world with exclusive fabrics, classic plaid patterns and elegant tailoring. At the age of 21, he opened a clothing store on his own.

Perfume series, including men's perfume series, began in 2001. In the late 1990s, the fashion industry started the trend of brand rebirth, and the brand Burberry once reached a climax.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: fresh Oriental wood fragrance

Top notes: green tangerine, bergamot, yellow ginger, cardamom.

Medium notes: wild rose, nutmeg, pine

Post tune: Oriental wood, fragrant bean.

Comprehensive comments: the classic British style, noble and elegant, fashionable atmosphere are all inadvertently revealed. The Oriental wood fragrance makes men's sexy and masculine charm perfectly present.

Fifth MONTBLANC monologues male Eau De Toilette

Montblanc means the highest peak in Europe - Mont Blanc. In 1906, Montblanc was founded in Europe. After a century, Montblanc has developed into a diversified high-end brand, including high-end stationery, wristwatch, high-quality leather goods, high-end men's lining, etc. The connotation of a mature man is as profound as an iceberg. What is exposed outside is a strong and multifaceted character. However, the inner world is full of depth and level, and contains a soul that can shock the world.

In spring and summer of 2013, Montblanc took the classic image of "Bailang peak iceberg" as the concept, creating a fresh, refreshing and charming fragrance, bringing a brand-new sense of cool enjoyment in vision and smell, and reinterpreting the man's perseverance like ice, just like the cool breeze in spring and the ice drop in summer.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: Oriental light fragrance

Top notes: bergamot, pineapple, Juniper berry, Hu Suicao, cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary, lavender.

Medium notes: Geranium, jasmine, orange blossom and violet.

Post tones: patchouli, iris, moss, chocolate, beans, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, amber.

Comprehensive comments: a vibrant and lasting fragrance. It shows the characteristics of men's firmness and arrogance, revealing a unique implicit charm.

Fourth HUGO BOSS confident men's Eau De Toilette

The Hugo Boss brand was founded by Mr. hugo boss in 1923. It started with the production of work clothes, waterproof clothes, raincoats and uniforms. Its design and image began to be very masculine, with a stable style of men's clothing. By 1972, it was officially a step fashion. Hugo boss has always advocated the philosophy of business: to create a professional image for successful people.

In early 80s, it began to enter the perfume world. Its perfume products follow three major series, and BOSS is just like its name. It represents: successful, experienced, confident and calm, constantly pursuing higher goals, reflecting the way of life in the city and looking at the mind of the four seas.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: oriental fragrance

Front note: Apple

Post tune: Sandalwood

Comprehensive comment: it integrates elegance and taste, designed for modern men, with fresh and pleasant sensory fragrance, which makes it send out unique charm, highlight gentle and elegant temperament, and express pure life fun.

Third DAVIDOFF cold water men's perfume

DAVIDOFF was founded in Switzerland in 1980. It mainly sells luxury watches, leather goods, writing tools, fashion accessories for men and women, perfume, coffee, Cognac and other commodities.

In 1988, DAVIDOFF Cool Water (David ∙, Duff cold water men perfume) was born, which is one of the earliest men's perfume. For the first time, DAVIDOFF Cool Water Applied Ocean elements to perfume and designed fresh and masculinity perfume.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: fresh fragrance

Pre tune: with a little jasmine fragrance, softened masculine fragrance.

Middle notes: Qingyang grassland is mainly fragrant, lavender, rosemary, and coriander seeds.

Post tune: oak, amber, vetiver, Bai Tanxiang

Comprehensive comment: the history is quite long. In the European and American markets, it has become the mainstream product of men's perfume, which has long been favored by male users.

Second CHANEL blue men Eau De Toilette

Founded in Paris, France in 1910, Chanel has a wide range of brands, with a long history of one hundred years, and its fashion design always maintains an elegant, concise and exquisite style. Perfume and fashion are the eternal classics pursued by men and women all over the world.

CHANEL launched the Blue de Chanel blue men's fragrance. The cedar showed men's indomitable will and pursuit of tradition.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: charming wood amber fragrance

Top notes: citrus, grapefruit, peppermint, pink pepper, nutmeg.

Tunes: cedar, Lao Danzhi

Post tune: jasmine, patchouli, vetiver grass

Comprehensive comment: the warm style full of exotic wood breath contains the rebellious atmosphere. Orange and lemon are the embodiment of men's freedom. Add ginger to let you appreciate the extraordinary life of men.

The first GUCCI crime is love men's Eau De Toilette.

Gucci brand was founded in Florence, Italy in 1923. It has always been famous for its high-end, luxury and sexuality. It has become the consumer darling of the wealthy upper class society with its brand image of 'symbol of identity and wealth'. It has always been favored by business people. It is elegant in addition to fashion.

GUCCI love men's Eau De Toilette is a feral fragrance with strong personal flavor. The thrill it brings is just as charming as its temptation, and it exudes the ultimate temptation.

Fragrance presentation

Fragrance: Oriental Floral

Front note: lemon, lavender

Medium note: Orange Blossom

Patchouli: Patchouli

Comprehensive comment: Patchouli is the classic ingredient of Gucci fragrance. It is combined with cedar and sandalwood to create a strong and simple, deep masculinity with provocation under the embellishment of amber Not only eye-catching, but also the ultimate temptation.