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May 24 women's Volleyball League China Women's volleyball 1-3 Serbia

Women's volleyball 1-3 Serbia

Original title: a new look! Chinese women's volleyball team 1-3 Serbia, the fans feel Lang Ping's ability and energy

Applause, for the Chinese women's volleyball team! Tonight's Chinese team, a new look. Before the game, even the underrated Chinese team and the main force of Serbia played the game, but the tactics were proper, the physical strength was abundant, the playing method was fierce, the first quarter 25-21 won. Lost to South Korea, lost to Poland in the past that kind of confusion, swept away! This is the Chinese women's volleyball, our most proud champion division!

It's understandable to lose in front. First of all, it was the game in Korea. All of a sudden, they adjusted their form and won not only the Chinese team, but also Germany and Russia. The Chinese women's volleyball team has just been training, and the tactics are still adapting and practicing, so it's normal to lose one or two games.

In the competition with Thailand team, Lang Ping xuezang and Li Yingying, in fact, personally, Lang Dao is waiting for Zhu ting. Li Yingying was set up as the core of the club, and the role of the national team did not change.

In addition, it seems that Zhu Ting + Li Yingying's main attack combination can give full play to the strength of this left-handed genius. So from Thailand to Serbia, Chinese women's volleyball team's main attack is Liu Xiaotong and duanfang.

Lose a few games, the mood, rhythm, state are adjusted, the Chinese women's volleyball team will find the rhythm again! The eyes of the fans are bright, look at everyone's comments, are happy, happy, satisfied!

In the three major ball events, the most competitive is our Chinese women's volleyball team. Tonight and Serbia's performance is our normal level.

Oh no, in fact, it's only a quasi main force. After all, Zhu Yuanzhang is not here!

Women's volleyball 1-3 Serbia

Zhu ting and Yuan Xinyue are on standby in Beijing. Zhang Changning is still recovering. The three main players have not returned, and the Chinese team can play such a strength, which shows that director Lang's control, deployment and adjustment of new players have achieved initial results!

Duan Fang and others played such a few games in the hands of Lang Dao, and quickly entered the state. Although the final 1-3 loss, but the fans are positive about the Chinese team.

Looking forward to the finals, China's women's volleyball team will meet Korea and Serbia again! At that time, the main force of China's women's volleyball team will be more different.