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What's the matter with ice in Haier refrigerator? How to prevent ice in refrigerator

If the refrigerators are not used properly, they will fail. For example, the refrigerators are frozen. Today, Haier's refrigerators are frozen. Let's analyze why the refrigerators are frozen? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

The reason of ice in Haier refrigerator

1. Incorrect temperature regulation

Generally, the temperature in the refrigerator should be adjusted when changing seasons. As long as the temperature controller of the refrigerator is adjusted, the higher the number of gears of the temperature controller, the lower the temperature will be. Generally, it is best to adjust to gear 1-2 in summer, gear 3 in spring and autumn, and gear 4-5 in winter.

2. Food placed back

If the food is placed in the back of the refrigerator, the tank close to the back of the refrigerator will cause the refrigeration pipeline on the back of the refrigerator to freeze, and may freeze the food.

3. High humidity in refrigerator

The air humidity in the freezer is relatively high, but the temperature in the evaporator is very low. If the water vapor in the freezer condenses on the back wall of the refrigerator, it will cause the back wall to freeze.

4. Thermostat failure

If the refrigerator temperature controller fails, the refrigerator temperature controller can not accurately sense the change of the internal temperature of the refrigerator, it will also cause the phenomenon of ice in the refrigerator.

5. Refrigeration pipeline close to the inner tank

In the refrigerator, if its refrigeration pipeline is too close to the inner tank of the refrigerator, it will also cause the refrigerator to freeze.

6. Drain blocked

The water on the back wall of the refrigerator can be discharged out of the refrigerator through the drain pipe. At this time, the drain port of the refrigerator will be blocked, which will cause the water flow of the refrigerator not to go out. At this time, there will also be ice in the refrigerator.

7. Moisture in refrigerator

The refrigerator door is not closed tightly, which causes the water vapor in the air to enter the refrigerator and finally condenses on the back wall of the refrigerator.

Summary: it's normal that there is less than 1cm ice on the inner wall of the refrigerator, but if it's too thick, it will cause problems, which may lead to the deformation of the refrigerator door seal and the decrease of suction, as well as the formation of a lot of frost. Covering the surface with frost and snow will affect the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator.

The temperature of the refrigerator is only 2 to 6 degrees, so there will be no ice. But why does Haier's refrigerator freeze? Let's learn about it.

How to prevent the refrigerator from freezing

1. When using the refrigerator at ordinary times, it is necessary to remove the frost frequently and clean the ice layer in the refrigerator in time, which can also save power.

2. Adjust the water funnel and align the position of the water pan at the same time.

3. When using the refrigerator, close the refrigerator door tightly to prevent the leakage of cold air in the refrigerator and the entry of water vapor outside. If the sealing strip of the refrigerator is damaged, it must be replaced in time.

4. If it is necessary to put the food with more moisture content into the refrigerator, it is better to use plastic bags to pack it, and the bag mouth should be bound tightly to prevent the evaporation of water vapor in the food and increase the amount of water in the refrigerator.

5. The temperature in the refrigerated room should not be lower than 0 ℃, and the general temperature should be set at 2-6 ℃.

6、 When refrigerating drinks, people need to put the drinks with caps on the food rack of the door leaf, and screw the caps tightly to prevent the liquid from flowing out.