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Real Madrid Champions League final list: C Robel leads Zidane's son in the list

On Sunday, the Champions League final will be contested, with Real Madrid playing Liverpool. Real Madrid announced the match list, including Ronaldo, bell, Benzema and others.

Real Madrid don't have any injury problems recently, which allows coach Zidane to arrange the strongest team to play, including Ramos, Ronaldo, Nevas, Marcelo, cross, Modric, Camaro and other absolute main players. In addition, Zidane's son, Luca Zidane, who got the chance in the last round of the league, is also on the list.

Real Madrid list:

Goalkeepers: 1-navas, 13-casillas, 30 Luca Zidane

Defenders: 2-kawahar, 3-bareho, 4-ramos, 5-varane, 6-nacho, 12-marcello, 15 Special Olympics, 19 Ashraf

Midfield: 8-cross, 10-modric, 14-cassemiro, 18-m-llorente, 20-arsenio, 22-isko, 23-kovasic, 24-sebastian

Front court: 7-c, 9-benzema, 11 bell, 17 Basques, 21 mayoral