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China beat their rivals 2-0 to reach the top four in the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup

China beat their rivals 2-0 to reach the top four in the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup

Sihai: on May 24th, Beijing time, in the just concluded 1/4 finals of the Uber Cup, in the case of Chen Yufei's sudden defeat and the total score being only 2:1 in the lead, Chongqing Olympic champion Li Xuerui made the fourth appearance as three singles, and finally won the key point with a strong strength of 2:0 to help the Chinese team advance to the top four.

Due to the absence of Peterson, Camilla and other main players, the overall strength of Denmark is under that of China. However, in the first women's singles match this morning, Mia & middot; brissifert of Denmark defeated Chen Yufei 2:1, making the situation of China a little tense.

In the second singles match, Gao Fang still fell behind in the start of the match, but soon she adjusted her mood, went straight to Ryan, who defeated Denmark in two sets, and pulled the big score to 1:1. Then Chen early morning / Jia Yifan, who ranked first in the world, won the competition successfully.

In the fourth competition, Li xuerui faced Natalia & middot; Koch & middot; rod, the 38th in the world. Although Li xuerui just came back to the 234Th place, she was still one step ahead of her opponent as the Olympic champion and the first in the world.

In the first set, Li xuerui won easily by 21:7, and in the second set, he defeated the opponent by 21:9 in 12 minutes, 2:0. At the same time, the Chinese team eliminated Denmark by 3:1 and made it to the top four of the UEFA Cup.

In the group match, Gao Fangjie, he bingjiao and Li xuerui all suffered losses. Chen Yufei was the first in the quarter finals. So far, all four women's singles players lost.

After the game, Li xuerui, as the team leader of the women's team, said: 'I also lost (the last group game was lost to rusli in Indonesia). All of us lost, which is actually good. It's good to put down the burden in the later game and fight with all our strength. I don't think it's anything. The team game doesn't care who loses and who wins, as long as the team wins. '

China's women's semi-final will be the winner between Thailand and Indonesia. In another quarter final, South Korea beat Canada 3-1 to reach the final four.