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Can hand foot mouth disease blow air conditioning in summer

Sihaiwang: HFMD is caused by intestinal microorganisms, which is not difficult to treat, but more attention should be paid in life. Can hand foot mouth disease blow and air conditioning? Let's get to know.

Can hand foot mouth disease blow

Better not.

Hand foot mouth disease is caused by enterovirus, which can cause herpes in hands, feet, mouth and other parts. A few children can cause myocarditis, pulmonary edema, aseptic meningoencephalitis and other complications. It is better to go to the hospital for treatment. Hand, foot and mouth disease is not recommended to blow, so it is possible to aggravate the disease.

Can hand foot mouth disease blow air conditioning

Hand foot mouth disease can blow air conditioning.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a kind of enterovirus disease. Its incubation period is generally 3-7 days, and there is no obvious precursor symptom: most patients suddenly start the disease, mainly involving four parts of hand, foot, mouth and buttock, generally without pain and itch, leaving no trace after healing.

Prevention measures of hand foot mouth disease

Since HFMD is easy to induce, moms need to pay more attention to prevention. Next, I will introduce some preventive measures:

1. Pay attention to food hygiene and avoid diseases from entering the mouth.

2. Avoid contact with children. If children are found in kindergartens, isolation measures should be taken; if children have related symptoms, they should go to medical institutions in time. Children treated at home should not contact other children. Their parents should air or disinfect their children's clothes in time, and disinfect their faeces in time. Children with mild illness do not need to be hospitalized. They should be treated at home and rest to reduce cross infection.

3. We should strengthen physical exercise at ordinary times.

4. Regulate the spleen and stomach, and treat food accumulation as early as possible.

5. The contaminated daily necessities and tableware should be disinfected. The feces and excrement of the children should be soaked in 3% bleach clear liquid. The clothes should be exposed to the sun. The room should be ventilated.

6. Wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer before and after eating and after going out. Do not let children drink raw water or eat raw and cold food, and avoid contacting sick children.

7. Parents should try to minimize children's access to crowded public places and reduce the chance of being infected; during the epidemic period, children should not be taken to public places where people gather and the air circulation is poor, and attention should be paid to maintaining the family's environmental health. The room should be frequently ventilated and frequently exposed to the sun.

8. Pay attention to the nutrition and rest of infants, avoid sunlight exposure, prevent excessive fatigue and reduce the body resistance.

9. The classrooms and dormitories should be well ventilated in the popular season. Clean and disinfect toys, personal hygiene appliances, tableware and other articles every day. When cleaning or disinfecting, workers shall wear gloves and wash hands immediately after cleaning.