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What's the matter with sleeping and often dreaming American researchers have conducted a questionnaire survey on 70000 insomnia patients without coronary heart disease. Ten years later, 934 people were found to have coronary heart disease, 271 of them died, and the proportion of women who sleep less than 5 hours a day increased by 45% compared with normal people. Experiments have proved that if a person is trapped by sleep disorders and does not sleep for two consecutive nights, he may have autonomic nervous dysfunction that regulates blood vessels and nerves, and sympathetic nerve excitation will occur, which will cause his blood pressure to rise; if he only sleeps for four hours every night, his insulin secretion will decrease; if this situation continues for one week, it will be enough to cause healthy people to have diabetic prodromal symptoms 。 In addition to physical diseases, insomnia, dreaminess and other common sleep disorders can also induce depression, anxiety and other serious mental diseases. So when sleeping often dream, and how is more dream to return a responsibility, how should do?

What's the matter with sleeping and often dreaming

How about sleeping and dreaming

Dream is a normal physiological phenomenon, and insomnia is closely related to short time of deep sleep, insufficient sleep depth and low sleep quality. It is often caused by mental tension, over thinking, distress and worry.

Many people are troubled by insomnia and dreaminess. Poor sleep at night will not only affect the mental state of the day, but also cause great harm to the body in the long run.

Is there any way to solve that? Let's make a concrete analysis.

1、 What's going on with sleeping and dreaming

Multi dream is a kind of state in which people feel disordered dreams and dizziness and tiredness after sleeping. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the basic reason for multiple dreams lies in the internal changes of the body. It is recorded in ancient books that lack of Qi and blood, damage of emotions, deficiency of yin and blood, disturbance of liver and gall due to phlegm and heat, overwork, incoherence of diet and other reasons will lead to multiple dreams.

In modern medicine, neurasthenia, a lot of mental labor lead to over excitation of brain and nerves, and incorrect sleeping posture will also lead to multiple dreams.

1、 How to sleep and dream

If it is due to the lack of Heart Qi that causes insomnia and dreams, we should take nourishing blood and Qi, tranquilizing heart and tranquilizing mind as the treatment principle. Chinese herbs such as ginseng, astragalus, Poria cocos, Atractylodes macrocephala, Chinese yam, lotus flesh, Amomum villosum, aloe, sandalwood and liquorice should be used to regulate the treatment; the dreams caused by the disturbance of phlegm and fire can be treated with such herbs as Fu Shen, Zhu Ru, Fructus aurantii, Coptis, pinellia, tangerine peel, liquorice, ginger, jujube and mother of pearl to achieve the purpose of clearing away heat and resolving phlegm.

If it is due to excessive use of brain or anxiety, then it is necessary to focus on eliminating psychological factors. You can properly participate in sports activities, wash your feet with hot water before sleep, massage the sole of your feet, drink hot milk before sleep and other ways to adjust; if your sleeping posture is not correct, you can timely correct it to avoid the occurrence of multiple dreams.

3、 The reason of sleepiness at night

(1) Little is known about sleep knowledge and the relationship between sleep and dream.

(2) Sleeping at night and having more dreams are related to people's emotional state.

(3) Excessive concern for one's own health and the sense of dream leads to the enhancement of the sense of dream. In turn, it aggravates the fear of health, insomnia and even a vicious circle.

(4) It is more likely to recall the content of the dream in REM sleep and later awakening.

(5) Individual functional state difference. Different individuals have different sense of dream, even the same individual has different sense of dream in different periods, different functional states, so some people will feel that there are more dreams in one period of time, and less dreams in another period.

4、 What's the harm of sleeping and dreaming

Sleepiness and dreaminess is a common disease in modern people. Do not think that sleeplessness and dreaminess are common sleep disorders and will not cause serious harm to your health. According to the survey, people who often sleep less and have more dreams are more likely to suffer from digestive system diseases, menopause syndrome, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other serious physical diseases than people who sleep normally.

During sleep, some proteins that help regulate gastrointestinal function are most active. But if sleep is not enough, it will harm the production of this substance, thus greatly increasing the incidence of gastritis, stomach, duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis and other diseases.

5、 How to prevent sleepiness

To light and rich in protein, vitamin diet is appropriate.

Take part in Qigong, Taijiquan and other exercises that emphasize mental exercise to improve the ability of nerve regulation.

Regular life, regular bedtime, dinner should not be too full, do not drink tea and coffee and other stimulating drinks before going to bed. It is not suitable to wash your hair before going to bed. Washing your hair before going to bed will stimulate the nerves in the brain, which will lead to excitement and affect the quality of sleep. The right time to wash your hair should be half an hour after you wake up.

Need to relax, not to dream too much attention, between half an hour to an hour before sleep, not to think about problems or read books, should do appropriate physical activity, to avoid nervous mental activity.

Also can eat some food to prevent insomnia, such as: milk, fruit, sugar water, millet porridge, sour jujube kernel porridge, lotus seed powder porridge and so on. Do not use hypnotic sedative easily, because it has side effects such as drowsiness, addiction, rebound after drug withdrawal, etc. after getting up in the morning, it is not suitable to take it for a long time. If you have multiple dreams, first find the reason from your own psychology or turn to a doctor.