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How to put the crib is better, how to arrange the crib is safer

Where is a crib better placed at home? Of course, there are rules. First, it can make the baby grow up healthily. Second, it can facilitate adults to take better care of the baby. Third, it can give the baby a safe environment. How do the novice parents arrange the crib? Let's learn more about it with Xiaobian.

What's the right position for the crib

1. The crib can be placed against the wall. If it needs to be placed away from the wall, it should be kept at least 50 cm away from the wall, so as to prevent the baby from being stuck between the wall and the crib when falling.

2. The crib can't be placed in the direct sunlight. Although the baby needs some sunshine, it is easy to damage the baby's skin when it is placed in the direct sunlight. Too strong light will also damage the baby's eyes. And the baby can not be placed in the light, to avoid the baby's curiosity has been looking at the light and damaging the eyes.

3. The furniture around the crib can not help the baby to climb out. If there is this kind of furniture, the baby is likely to fall when climbing out with the help of the furniture. When choosing the location of the crib, be sure to pay attention to the surrounding environment and put an end to all potential hazards.

4. The crib should be placed away from the lamp holder and anything with hanging coil, windows, electric fans, electric heaters, etc., and windows or curtains.

5. There should be no rope or fabric near the crib. These things will make the baby curious and climb out. There is also the danger of binding the baby.

How to arrange the crib more safely

1. The border should be adjusted in time.

2. The height of the fence should be higher than the baby's shoulder to prevent the baby from climbing out and falling down.

3. The distance between fences is about the size of a fist for adults. If the distance is wide, it may be pinched to the baby's head or feet.

4. The height of the crib is about 40 cm. It's better to have a locker under the crib, so it's convenient to put diapers and baby clothes.

5. Choose safety coating to prevent baby from biting poisoning, carving is easy to hurt baby, stickers are torn and eaten by baby. In order to avoid the first-class danger of falling into the bed, coarse wool carpet can be laid under the bed, but it should be cleaned and dried daily.

The position of the crib is also very important, which is related to the health and safety of the baby. There are also many things to pay attention to when placing the crib.

Baby bed arrangement precautions

1. Babies don't need pillows when they sleep. They sleep well without pillows. The problem of head shape can be adjusted by sleeping posture. Generally in the case of unattended, the baby before the age of two is not suitable to use pillows, and all kinds of baby pillows are not needed.

2. It's better not to place plush toys on the baby's bed. Although the baby likes plush toys very much, and the baby's bed is also very cute in the plush toy house, the plush toys may fall off. If the baby inhales it carelessly, it will lead to abnormal breathing. In addition, the plush toys may also hide allergens such as bacteria and mites, and the baby is prone to allergies.

3. Don't put any extra things on the crib or the quilt, just put on the wrapped baby. If you are afraid that your baby will catch cold at night, you can add a quilt, but the four corners of the quilt must be pressed under the mattress.