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How to sleep without being bitten by mosquitoes

Summer is very beautiful, many clothes and clothes also have a lot of delicious food, air conditioning can also be blown, but the most painful feeling is of course to be bitten by mosquitoes, how to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes? How can be bitten by mosquito quick antipruritic? I haven't come to see this guide yet.

The best way to sleep and prevent mosquitoes

Mosquito net

Yes, it's mosquito nets. This is the longest and most effective method for human use. The mosquito can be isolated by mosquito net or screen window. The mosquito net can not only avoid mosquito and wind, but also absorb the falling dust. It is safe and non-toxic, very healthy and environmentally friendly, and very suitable for children. But we should pay attention to that the mosquito net should be covered well, and there should be no place for mosquitoes to enter. Before closing the net, we should kill all the mosquitoes with electric mosquito swatters, so that there will be no more mosquitoes. Although bednets are troublesome, they are also the most effective and safe way to prevent mosquitoes.

Other methods of mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent incense and mosquito repellent

The main function of mosquito repellent incense is to make the mosquito's perception function disorder and make the mosquito unable to make a correct judgment, so the mosquito can't start. The disadvantage is that mosquito repellent incense is harmful to human health, so it's best to ventilate when used.

Essential oil

Put several boxes of uncovering cool oil and essential balm in the bedroom, or a basin or two of blooming nocturnal, jasmine, Milan, mint or rose, etc. mosquitoes will stay away because they don't like their taste.

Orange light bulb

The orange light bulb is installed indoors, and the transparent orange cellophane can also be used to cover the bulb. Mosquitoes will flee because they are afraid of the orange light, but this method can only be used when the light is turned on and when they sleep, they usually turn off the light.

Temptation of sugar water

Put sugar water or beer in an empty wine bottle or cup in the dark place. Mosquitoes will drill into the bottle when they smell sweet wine, and will be stuck by sugar water or beer to death. This method is safer and environmentally friendly, but it may also attract other animals, such as ants.

Garlic, vitamin B

Eating garlic raw, taking vitamin B orally, and excreting sweat from the body after physiological metabolism will produce a smell that mosquitoes dare not approach, which can also play a role in mosquito prevention.

Now the weather is extreme. It will be very hot when spring comes. Soon the mosquitoes will come. It's hard to wake up every time you fall asleep. Let's teach you some ways to prevent mosquitoes.

What to do after being bitten by a mosquito

Ammonia smear

A lot of mosquito bites will leave some acidic substances on them. At this time, we can use weak alkaline substances to neutralize them, such as ammonia water, or we can replace them with dew water and essential balm.


Just dip the toothpaste with a little water and wipe evenly on the package. However, we should pay attention to the selection of toothpaste, which has strong anti-inflammatory effect and strong alkaline effect. These effects will be better!

Garlic slice application

Use sliced garlic to repeatedly apply for several minutes at the place bitten by mosquitoes, which has obvious analgesic, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effects. Even if the bitten place has become a big bag or inflammation fester, it can be rubbed with garlic. Generally, after 12 hours, it can eliminate inflammation and swelling, and the fester wound can be cured after 24 hours. Skin allergy should be used with caution.

Washing powder

After the human body is bitten by a poisonous mosquito, it is not only inflamed and itchy but also intolerable. Do not dry it after washing it with water. Dip a little washing powder on the bitten part with your finger, it can immediately stop itching and the redness and swelling will soon disappear. After the redness and swelling disappear, wash off the washing powder with water.


Because there is a kind of venom from mosquito bites, which is acidic, it is also effective to wash with alkaline soap. After being washed with alkaline soap, the acid venom of mosquitoes can be neutralized.