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How to deal with anxiety before 2018 college entrance examination

How to deal with anxiety before 2018 college entrance examination

Four seas network: hard review, the college entrance examination, as the test time approaching, because of psychological problems to the hospital for help of more students. Parents should continue to pay attention to the examinee's psychological state. If any abnormality is found, they should give psychological guidance before the college entrance examination in time.

Appropriate anxiety and tension can stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and help students to progress, but excessive anxiety will inevitably produce the consequences of neurasthenia, and to alleviate anxiety also needs students' self-regulation and family encouragement. There are many reasons for anxiety, which are mainly caused by students' quality and the external pressure of school and family.

First of all, we need to change students' self-awareness, conduct psychological counseling for children, guide them to actively participate in all things, often give encouragement to children's behavior, cultivate their self-confidence, which is the most basic step to prevent anxiety.

Ensure regular and sufficient rest time every day. It's very important for students to get to sleep before 10:30 every night to ensure 7.5 hours sleep. Students who often stay up late will have poor energy the next day. They can't go in during the day and can't sleep at night, which will cause a vicious circle and eventually lead to anxiety.

Exercise properly. When learning to meet the bottleneck, do some aerobic exercise, such as jogging. At the same time, do not exercise violently and sweat slightly. Aerobic exercise can improve students' memory and relieve anxiety. You can also do some abdominal breathing, which is very helpful to relieve anxiety. Keep a balanced diet. If children have serious depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other problems, they should go to the psychological clinic as soon as possible.