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2018 university graduation talk about mood phrases 2018 graduation mood phrases when I graduated from high school, I didn't think too much. I didn't think graduation was the end. I didn't feel reluctant. Because at that time we were too innocent to feel. Only when facing the society, the university can feel the beauty of the student era. Even if the students they don't like are all good people in the society, they will feel nostalgic and reluctant. So what can be nostalgic is all the student era. Let's talk about the complete mood phrases after graduation in 2018.

2018 university graduation talk about mood phrases 2018 graduation mood phrases

1. Next summer, the classroom will be full of people again, but it will never be us again.

2. Three seconds for graduation photos, but three years in a hurry.

3. I took so many tests. I didn't expect that it was to leave home. There was no spring or autumn in my hometown, only the winter and summer that came and went in a hurry.

4. This summer, we will end our friendship in exchange for a holiday without homework.

5. We are going to separate. When we see the white uniforms in different places in China and other countries alone, we will think who I know.

6. I'm afraid of cold in winter, hot in summer and scattered in June.

7. At the beginning of the school year, a group of us entered the campus, laughing and talking. I was left alone after graduation.

8. Three papers broke up a friendship, a youth.

9. Teacher, can you make an appointment and tell me the exam papers? It's still that classroom, that group of people. This time, we allow you to delay the class.

10. After graduation, I don't even have a chance to peek at you. You should be good.

11. May the day of graduation be as sunny as it was three years ago.

12. Graduation brings a carefree summer vacation, and a possibility of never meeting again.

13. The real graduation is not to leave the school, but to disperse the group of people & hellip; & hellip;

14. Goodbye, old classmates who dislike each other; goodbye, thanks too late to say; goodbye, no more homework to stay in class; goodbye, I'll leave the last page of your graduation book.

15. The wind in June has dispersed friends for many years, but the sunshine in September can't warm the hearts of new people.

16. Able to withstand the pressure of the exam, but unable to withstand the different feelings.

17. In June, some people laugh and say they are free, some people cry and say they are reluctant, this is our graduation season.

18. When I was 16 or 17 years old, I met a group of good guys who spent the only youth with me in my life.

19. Three years of youth, a few papers, a farewell dinner, just like this.

20. Several people open the same door with the same key, and several people say goodbye to the empty dormitory with the same eyes.

21. As soon as we leave, what's the beauty of our school.

22. We will take three years of youth and seven answers to gamble with the world for a tomorrow.

23. When the college entrance examination is over, one part of your life is over. Another part of your life is just beginning. You are not the kid who was in high school at that time. You start to prepare for the school. The life in college is not as good as you think, but don't be discouraged. If there are thousands of troops in front of you, it's hard to keep you going forward.

24. On the day of graduation, are you going to say goodbye with a smile or cry and say you don't want to leave.

25. I'm going to get a super grade in June. I'm admitted to ideal high school in July. I'll try my best to eat, sleep and play in August. I'll be with my favorite people in September.