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2018 Thomas and Uber cups 1/4 finals schedule

China's group phase of China's Thomas and Uber cups were eliminated in 2018. The result of the eight knockout draw was that the Chinese men and women's teams were very lucky. The 1/4 finals met Chinese Taipei and Denmark, which were not strong enough to avoid the main rivals. South Korea and Japan will fight in the other half.

2018 Thomas Cup 1 / 4 final schedule:

Upper half:

China vs Taipei, Indonesia vs Malaysia;

Lower half:

Japan vs France, Denmark vs South Korea

In the group match, the Chinese team, who won all three games, entered the top eight as the team first. The second Chinese Taipei in group C was drawn. From the performance of the group match, there is no doubt that the strength and state of the Chinese team are better. Of course, compared with the group match, the competition for the knockout game will be more intense. Undoubtedly, the goal of the Chinese team is to win the soup cup again, so the requirements are different, and the pressure is relatively greater. In the first world war with Chinese Taipei, Chen Long of the first singles is likely to meet with Zhou Tiancheng. In the past, the two sides fought each other more than Chen long, while Shi Yuqi of the second singles may encounter Prince Wei. There is a certain suspense. In the third singles, it is a question whether Guo Yu chooses Lin Dan or Qiao bin. Lin Dan is more likely to play. After all, there is no loss in the knockout game, and Lin Dan's experience advantage is unmatched.

In doubles, Zhang Nan / Liu Cheng and Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen are the safest choices. After all, Li Yang / Li Zhehui and Wang Qilin / Chen Honglin in Taipei have cooperated for a long time, have a good understanding of each other, and also have the record of defeating the Chinese team. Therefore, the Chinese team may not send Zheng SIH / Wang Yilv, who have few partners, to take risks.

If the Chinese team defeats the Chinese Taipei to enter the top four, the semi-final opponents will be produced between Indonesia and Malaysia. The strength of the latter two is close, so it is hard to predict the outcome. At present, Li Zongwei is in good condition and is likely to win a point in a single contest, while Wu Weisheng / Chen Weiqiang perform the same, and the strength of other matches is close. No matter Indonesia or Malaysia, the overall strength of the Chinese team still has an advantage. At that time, it depends on the on-the-spot performance.

In the second half, the competition between Denmark and South Korea will be more intense. Denmark, as the defending champion, has a slight advantage. In addition, there is almost no suspense about the first world war between Japan and France. Japan is expected to lock in a place in the top four. The semi-finals are likely to take place between Denmark and Japan.

2018 Uber Cup 1 / 4 final schedule:

Upper half:

Japan vs Taipei China Korea vs Canada

Lower half:

China vs Denmark Thailand vs Indonesia

Chinese female feather stumbled in the group match, and finally made it to the top eight with three wins. In the draw in the knockout stage, Chinese team was divided into the second half of the competition, and one quarter of the final opponents were Denmark. Pettison / Camilla, the number one female double of Denmark, was absent from the competition, which also affected the overall strength of the team. There are no outstanding players in the current team, but from the group match table Now, the young players are playing very well. It can be seen that they only lose 2-3 in the competition with South Korea, so the Chinese team needs to be fully prepared.

The lineup of China Denmark war has been made. In the first two women's singles matches, Chen Yufei and Gao Fangjie will play as one and two singles. In the third match, Chen early morning / Jia Yifan will play Denmark one pair, in the fourth match, Chen Yufei will play Denmark's Natalia as three singles, and in the fifth match, Huang Dongping / Zheng Yu will be sent to fight the other's two pairs.

If the Chinese team beat Denmark to enter the top four, it will compete with the winners of Thailand and Indonesia for the final. China and Indonesia have lost two singles in the group match, but the overall strength is still superior to win the match. If Thailand is encountered, the other team's singles, indanon and jindawen, are more difficult to deal with, but they are familiar with each other and will be better prepared. No matter which team they are facing, the current Chinese women's team has to go all out to win. Therefore, spelling is the most important mentality for Chinese little flower players.

In the first half of the region, the first battle of the Japanese team is Taipei, China. The most interesting thing is the No.1 women's singles competition. Yamaguchi and Dai Ziying are the old rivals. Dai Ziying is the best in the recent results, which is the most likely score for Taipei, China. No doubt, the other games are all dominated by Japan. Therefore, China's Taipei is likely to stop. In addition, Indonesia and Malaysia are close to each other and win Negative to see on-the-spot play. Japan is most likely to stand out from the top half and enter the final.