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May 22, 2018 women's Volleyball World League Macau Station China Women's volleyball 2-3 Poland compl

On the evening of May 22, the competition for the first day of the 2018 World Women's Volleyball League Macau station ended. Against Poland, which has a strong impact, the Chinese women's volleyball team is not able to limit the strong attack of smazek, and the big score 1-2 is not able to turn over the set by changing the array. After five games, the opponent who lost 2-3 in the World League suffered two consecutive defeats, with the scores of 25-18, 17-25, 18-25, 25-22 and 12-15. This is the first time in eight years that China has been defeated by Poland in a 3-0 World Championship defeat.

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China's women's volleyball team loses 2-3 to Poland in Macau World Women's Volleyball League ( Shtml)

Liu Xiaotong and Li Yingying were used as the main players in the Chinese women's volleyball team. Yanni and Wang Yuanyuan joined in the secondary attack, and Yang Fangxu, Ding Xia, the second cross player and Lin Li, the free man, also made their debut. Poland sent the main attack mendzhik and graibel, the second attack kakovleiska and efemienk, followed by smazek, the second pass of pleznerovich and the free man vitkovska.

China, which was 1-3 behind in the first game, drew 3-4, and then used Wang Yuanyuan's block 6-4 to counter overtake. Li Yingying's one pass error made Poland reach a 6-level, after 7-level Li Yingying forced the ball, China's 8-7 lead entered the first technical pause. Liu Xiaotong seized the opportunity of counterattack 12-10 after the 10-10 draw, Li Yingying seized the opportunity of counterattack and Liu Xiaotong was able to hang his heart in the back row. China opened the score to 16-11 in the second technical suspension. Liu Xiaotong made Poland catch up to 14-16 with two times of flying and one pass. Li Yingying made a strong attack on stability, Wang Yuanyuan served and scored, Yanni blocked the net, and the leading advantage of Chinese generals was expanded to 20-14. Yang Fangxu broke through 24-18 in position 2 and won the game point. Li Yingying set the score at 25-18 after the attack. China easily took the lead in the next city.

In the third set, Hu Mingyuan and Yan Ni were used as the second attack partners. Li Yingying catches the net, Yang Fangxu flies a biography, China 0-3 falls behind. After China's pursuit of 3-4, graibel forced the batter out of the border, Liu Xiaotong made a mistake in passing, and Poland exceeded 6-3. Duan Fang replaces Liu Xiaotong, who still hasn't passed the round, and Yang Fangxu falls 3-7 behind in the net. Smazek hit hard, Poland 8-4 lead into the first technical pause. Yang Fangxu and Li Yingying successively made mistakes in attack and smazeke served and scored. China fell behind 4-11, and Wang Mengjie replaced Lin Li. The spike was blocked 9 points behind. China's two for three teams took over Gong Xiangyu and two for Yao di. Hu Mingyuan's first attack left Poland 16-6 ahead in the second technical suspension. In the second half of the game, China had no chance to turn over the set. Poland won the set point with kakovleska's fast break 24-17. Unable to limit smazek's strong attack, China lost another set 18-25, 1-2 behind the big score.

In the fourth round, Duan Fang and Li Yingying played the main part in China, Yao Di played the second role, Gong Xiangyu took the lead, and Wang Mengjie, the Freeman, played the main part. Li Yingying's strong attack hit and Yanni's probe score after the 3-draw, and China exceeded 5-3. After the 7-0 draw, smazek missed the serve and Hu Mingyuan quickly attacked the ball, with China taking the lead 9-7. Duan Fangfei sent Poland to a 9-level draw, and China's 11-9 lead was increased by the opponent's loss. After Duan Fang's attack was blocked and was chased to 15 level, her first attack took the lead in the round and the other side hit the ball through the net. Li Yingying opened the score to 19-16, after a brief stalemate Yanni block success, Gong Xiangyu counterattack success, China 23-18 ahead. Poland chased 4 points to 22-23 in a row. Li Yingying scored the point and smazek smashed the ball out of the boundary. China won 25-22 and tied the big score to 2.

In the decisive game, Poland used the main attack partner of Mucha and mendzhik. Li Yingying made mistakes in one pass and block one after another, menderzhike hit back to score the drop ball, and China fell 3-0 behind. Hu Mingyuan blocked the probe, Yao Di hit twice, Gong Xiangyu got the counterattack, and China, 2-5 behind, won 4 points, 6-5 in a row. Yanni and duanfang stopped smazek's spike after the 7-0 draw, and China led the exchange field 8-7. The second advantage is to score 2 points in the counterattack. Norwika's substitute service has made great achievements, China's touch the net and Poland's 12-9 anti overtaking. After Li Yingying's strong attack became 12-13, smazek attacked the ball and Li Yingying's spike was blocked, China lost on 12-15 and Poland on 2-3.

China's main attack Li Yingying scored 19 points, the second attack Yanni, the second attack duanfang and the second attack Hu Mingyuan all scored 9 points, the second attack Gong Xiangyu and the first attack Liu Xiaotong all contributed 8 points. Poland's successor, simazekehao, won 35 points as the scoring king, with mendzhik as the main attacker, winning 11 points, while kakovleiska and efemienk as the second attacks, scoring 10 points and 9 points respectively.

In the opening match of Macao, the top contender Serbia beat Thailand 3-1 after four sets, with scores of 25-18, 25-23, 19-25 and 25-19. Serbia's successor, Boskovic, scored 30 points and won the title of scoring king. Rasic scored 13 points, mikheilovic won 12 points, and stevanovic scored 9 points. Thailand's veteran substitute, anumali, scored 15 points, with 11 points for his first and second attacks, including premkit and Hataya.

After the fourth draw in the second set, China was frustrated twice and Poland surpassed Poland 6-4. After Yanni's quick break to 6-7, China failed to stop the other side's first attack, falling 6-8 behind in the first technical pause. After Li Yingying broke out, Ding Xia and Wang Yuanyuan were mismatched, and China fell behind 9-13. Hu Mingyuan is still sad to replace Wang Yuanyuan, and Liu Xiaotong's strong attack blocked Poland to win 5 points. Efimeenke blocked Li Yingying's first attack, and Poland opened the score to 16-10 in the second technical pause. After the suspension, Liu Xiaotong was replaced by Zhang Yichan, and China made a mistake with smazek's push and attack. Smazek has made great achievements in a few attacks, Zhang Yichan's spike was sealed by kakovleiska, China fell behind 15-22, and Liu Xiaotong was replaced. Yang Fangxu's back was blocked, and China's 17-25 defeat brought Poland back to the first round.