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Which brand of notebook should I buy in 2018

The convenience of carrying notebook is not limited by space and location. Now people are busy with their work. Sometimes coffee shops and restaurants may have to work at any time, so a very useful notebook is just like a tiger, how to choose a suitable notebook? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

1. What brand of notebook is good for 2018 I:

Dell. Dell is famous for producing, designing and selling home and office computers, but it also engages in the high-end computer market, producing and selling servers, data storage devices, network devices, etc.

2. What is the brand of notebook computer in 2018? 2

HP. HP is a global IT company, focusing on printers, digital imaging, software, computers and information services. HP is one of the largest information technology (it) companies in the world.

3. What brands of notebook computers are good to introduce in 2018 3:

ThinkPad. The name 'ThinkPad' is inspired by IBM's pad. Since its inception, ThinkPad has always maintained its classic black appearance and has its own unique views on technology, such as trackpoint, thinklight keyboard light, full-size keyboard and APS (active protection system).

4.2018 notebook what brand good introduction four:

Mac apple. MAC system is a special system for apple, which can't be installed on normal PC. Apple not only produces most of the Mac's hardware, but also develops its own operating system. Using the independent Mac OS system, the latest OSX series is developed based on the next system and does not support compatibility. It is a complete and independent ecosystem.

Before we buy a notebook, we will have an expected budget for the price of the notebook, so when choosing a notebook, we should consider whether the characteristics of the brand are very suitable for you and whether the budget funds are enough, so we should make some comparison and comparison before buying.