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How to clean the sofa when the sofa cover is dirty

Sihaiwang: every family has a variety of sofas. But many people especially like the solid wood sofa, which feels more textured and comfortable. What kind of sofa cover does the solid wood sofa match? How to clean the sofa cover after long use? Below might as well and small make up understand next!

How to clean the sofa cover

The sofa cover is dirty. If you often remove the cloth cover to clean it, you will feel trouble. In fact, it is unnecessary. In normal life, if the part is dirty, you can clean it directly without removing the cloth cover. It only needs to remove the cloth cover and clean it once every six months. Here's how.

Vacuum cleaner cleaning cloth cover

Fabric sofa is easy to deposit dust, generally not particularly dirty, clean up more convenient. The best way is to choose a vacuum cleaner, which can not only remove the dust to the greatest extent, but also ensure that the fabric of the sofa does not change and touch water.

Wipe with damp cloth

If there is a small range of stains on the sofa, it can be wiped with a clean wet cloth at this time, and attention should be paid to the amount of water should not be too much, so as to prevent the water from seeping into the fillings inside the sofa, causing the sofa to be damp and moldy.

Cleaning agent cleaning

When you encounter oil stains on the sofa, ordinary water can't be wiped off. At this time, choose a professional sofa cleaner, and gently scrub the parts with stains. Generally, it can be cleaned.

Looking for professionals

In case of the overall stain on the sofa, it's very time-consuming and difficult to clean it by yourself. If possible, you can find a professional to clean it.

Remove and wash the sofa cover

First remove the whole sofa cover, and then put it in the basin orderly, soak it in warm water, put in a proper detergent, and soak it for about 15 minutes. Then lift it up gently, and it can dissolve most of the slight dirt after several times. If there are stubborn stains in the local area, you can apply the detergent directly on it, then brush it with a brush, then wash it with clean water and dry it naturally.

What kind of sofa cover does solid wood sofa match? Good vegetable fiber sofa cover

Modern people pay more and more attention to health, but also gradually enhance the awareness of environmental protection. For the fabric of sofa cover, people also pay more attention to and like the fabric of sofa cover with environmental protection materials.

The appearance of plant fiber sofa cover fabric, to a large extent, meets people's demand for environmental protection of sofa cover fabric. Moreover, the fabric of the vegetable fiber sofa cover is very natural and environmentally friendly. The fabric of the vegetable fiber sofa cover also has the characteristics of sweat absorption, ventilation, toughness and affordable price. But the sofa cover fabric with such plant fiber is more suitable for summer use.

Wool sofa cover

Among the many sofa cover fabrics, there is a kind of sofa cover fabric material with the advantages of low cost and various styles and colors, which has been deeply loved by consumers. And this kind of sofa cover fabric because of the variety of styles and styles, so when you choose, you can match your own home decoration style.

This kind of sofa cover fabric is plush sofa cover fabric. And this kind of sofa cover fabric can also be customized, it is one of the most popular fashionable sofa cover fabric in the market at present. This kind of sofa cover fabric material is more suitable for winter use.

Chenille sofa cover

The fabric of the sofa cover we mentioned just now is common to all of us, and it is also the fabric material of the sofa cover that is used more. So what are the characteristics of chenille sofa cover fabric compared with other materials? Generally, chenille sofa cover fabric will give us a more upscale and luxurious feeling.

The suede of chenille sofa cover fabric is plump and comfortable. But the fabric of chenille sofa cover is also not good, that is, the price is more expensive, and the fabric of chenille sofa cover is not easy to take care of and clean after getting dirty.

Linen sofa cover

In the material of sofa cover fabric, linen sofa cover fabric is also a kind of more environmentally friendly sofa cover fabric. We all know that the baby mat is made of flax which is used in the city. Visible linen sofa cover fabric soft and healthy.

And compared with other materials of sofa cover fabric, linen sofa cover fabric often gives me a feeling of natural simplicity, and this natural color of linen sofa cover fabric also has a taste, especially suitable for modern simple and Chinese style decoration of the bedroom. And this kind of sofa cover fabric is also used more in summer.

Cotton sofa cover

In fact, when we choose what kind of sofa cover fabric, on the one hand, we should consider the material of sofa cover fabric, mainly to see the comfort and practicability of these sofa cover fabrics. However, on the other hand, the material of sofa cover fabric also has a good effect on the decoration of the room. The first thing we know is cotton upholstery fabric.

The advantage of this kind of sofa cover fabric is that it has a very good handle and is not easy to pilling. Compared with some plush sofa cover fabric, the price of cotton sofa cover fabric will be much cheaper, and the high cost performance has always been the characteristics of cotton sofa cover fabric. And in many sofa cover fabric, cotton sofa cover fabric is also the most widely used one.

The purchasing skill of solid wood sofa cover look at the color of sofa cover

Choose fabric sofa cover to choose colors according to the decoration style of the living room, red and orange for some festivities, blue and green for simple and fresh wind, small flowers for rural romance, etc., and choose the right color for what style you want to decorate your home.

Look at the material of sofa cover

The soft and good fabric will be comfortable when sitting up, so the soft and comfortable fabric should be selected as far as possible on the fabric sofa cover material. In addition, if the sofa cover is frequently changed, the fabric that is easy to clean should be selected. Some fabrics are not easy to clean after being soiled, which should be avoided.

Look at the size of the sofa cover

The sofa cover is set outside the fabric sofa, so it must be selected according to the size of the sofa. It's better to choose the one that is not big or small, so the fabric sofa cover installed with the sofa cover will not move or tense, sit comfortably and look clean and fresh. ​​​​​​​