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What's more, 400 words of Chinese impressions? How to write Chinese impressions

Many people watched the movie "fierce, our country" and felt it very much. They not only felt patriotic, but also were full of excitement and pride, lamenting and pride for the prosperity of the country.

Today, I went to see a movie with my classmates in our class. I think the name of this movie is already familiar to everyone. Its name is awesome! My country.

As soon as I heard the name, I couldn't help but feel how well it was named. Let me read it out loud! My country. I'm also proud to come to this name. Because I am Chinese, my country is China, China is my home. This is not mainly about the beginning of the film, which starts from the story behind the construction of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge. It tells the story of China's extraordinary super projects such as China bridge, China Road, China car, China port and China net, as well as the radio telescope, quantum computer, offshore drilling platform, maglev train, mobile payment and 5g technology And other high-tech fields lead people to the new era of scientific research results.

I saw the film and said that in 2002, we should let all the children out of poverty, and let the children in the mountains and poor children live happily as we do. We should have a good teacher and a beautiful and comfortable home. In 2024, China will become the country with the first space station. 2002 & hellip; hellip;

After watching this movie, I know that our country is not lagging behind. It has ranked among the top countries in the world, and each technology has made rapid progress, many of which rank among the top countries in the world. So if you are a Chinese and you watch this movie, you will be very proud.

It's so awesome. My country's impressions

The "powerful country" has brought the eighteen major development and achievements of the party since China's great achievements and the great debate on the socialism with Chinese characteristics proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping in the nineteen major reports. It has been presented in the form of documentary on the big screen, and has fully displayed the new achievements made by China's science and technology and construction development over the past five years, which has made people's spirits uplifted and proud.

After watching "fierce, my country", I can't calm down for a long time. It's a real shock. The great country is in front of me! From the perspective of dream project, scientific and technological innovation, green China and so on, it shows China's great power style; The movie records the images and stories behind the super projects such as China bridge, China Road, China car, China port and China net. It not only shows the national strength, but also embodies the Chinese spirit of fearless, hard-working and pioneering. Only the people of all ethnic groups' roll up their sleeves' can create one after another 'Chinese miracle'.

"Fierce, our country" has super positive energy. It calls us to remember our original intention and write a regretless life with struggle. The dream of the Chinese people will not stop here, but move towards a deeper, farther, higher and wider field, and our country will be stronger. "Fierce, my country" has inspired me a lot and gained a lot. The "big country" is strong, and the "small family" must strive to catch up. As a central enterprise employee, while proud, he should also redouble his efforts, love his post and work hard in the future work, constantly innovate his working methods, forge ahead, strive for better performance, and make a contribution to the realization of leapfrog development of CSCEC road and bridge and the stronger motherland.

It's so awesome. My country's impressions

In recent years, China has made historic achievements in reform and opening up and socialist modernization. In the form of documentary, the film "fierce, China" will present all the great achievements China has made in these five years under the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing. In the poster, the bright red silk belt brushed the landmark buildings, Tiangong No. 1 and Silk Road and other elements all over China, leaving a touch of Chinese red which runs through time and space and strives hard.

The film has a large number of spectacular large-scale aerial shots. In the trailer, fast, the largest radio telescope in human history, blue whale 2, the world's largest offshore drilling platform, and the migration antelope of marbonyon, etc. all appeared one by one, showing China's great power from the perspective of dream project, scientific and technological innovation, green China, etc. In addition, the film also records the shocking images and the stories behind the super projects such as China bridge, China Road, China car, China port and China net. It not only shows the national strength, but also embodies the good sentiment of the Chinese people who are not afraid of hardships, hard work and enterprising, so as to create one after another 'Chinese miracle'.

It's the Spring Festival, when compatriots of all ethnic groups return home to reunite with their families, and the day of "small family" is more and more prosperous. The prosperity of people's life is inseparable from the prosperity of the country, and every major achievement of the country also embodies the great power of the people of the country. The "big country" is closely related to the "small family". In the second half of the film, from the perspective of "small family", it tells about the life changes of ordinary people. From the living conditions of poverty alleviation workers at the grass-roots level, to the three generations of Bashang people who built the largest artificial forest in the world, to the health administrators who do a good job in household work and the powerful teachers who protect the country. It vividly records China's outstanding achievements in poverty alleviation, ecological civilization construction, medical security, national security system and other aspects, and fully demonstrates the great struggle of the Chinese people in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.

It's so awesome. My country's impressions

"Fierce, China" is a record of the electric scene, which gives people a strong sense of shock and pride. When the largest radio telescope fast, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "blue whale 2" and the migrating antelope of marbonyon show up on the big screen, when the maglev train research and development, 5g technology and other brilliant moments are successfully developed by our engineers and scientists who stick to our dreams; When a great power, such as heavy equipment, China bridge, China Road, China car, China port, China net, etc., has won the world's attention and made great achievements in promoting China's power and prestige, its eyes are immediately infiltrated. The uniform and magnificent military demeanor, the well-equipped and thundering Navy style in the vast sea area, make people passionate and impassioned, fierce, our country!

The motherland, in the heart of the sacred and heavy stick. Looking back on the humiliation history in modern times, from opium erosion to the powerful guns of the eight powers allied forces, from the humiliation of the poor and the weak to the war of the Japanese aggressors, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the suffering of China rose up, became rich, and then became strong. "Fierce, my country" let me see the strength of the great motherland with my own eyes, which makes people can't help but 'call' for the motherland.

From the perspective of dream project, innovation driven, coordinated development, green China, sharing a well-off society, and opening up China, fierce China reflects the extraordinary achievements of China since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The film also combines these brilliant achievements with the stories behind the relevant characters, which are narrated by the builders in person, so that the vivid and vivid people's livelihood can be truly presented, without provocation or preaching, that is, the daily life experience can be ignited, and the hard work and sweat paid by ordinary people in ordinary posts can be put on the big screen, which is a kind and natural description of our common people in various industries and fields I'm willing to work hard to build a happy life. The ordinary stories are deeply enlightening. I feel the achievements of those milestones in the film are so amiable and respectable!

And to enjoy "awesome, my country" can not only share the thoughts and thoughts of many ordinary people, but also the spectacular and large-scale aerial photography scenes pass by in front of our eyes. The excitement brought by the magnificent mountains and rivers and remarkable achievements of our country can't be expressed in words how powerful my country is. The panoramic display of Chinese style on the big screen shows the noble beauty and inspires me to contribute my greatest strength to the construction of a more powerful country in the future.