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How to control the temperature of refrigerator temperature controller

Refrigerators are household appliances with high frequency of use in summer. How much is the proper temperature control for refrigerators in summer? How much do you know about the thermostat of the refrigerator? How much is the proper temperature in winter and summer? Today, let's learn about the use of refrigerator thermostat with Xiaobian!

How cold is the refrigerator

There are seven gears in the refrigerator. The higher the number of gears, the better the refrigeration effect, and the lower the temperature in the refrigerator. That is to say, 7th gear is the coldest. Some refrigerators only have five gears. The coldest gear of these refrigerators is five.

What gear to choose in winter and summer

The gear of refrigerator temperature controller can be adjusted according to the change of season temperature. Generally, gear 3 is selected in spring and autumn, gear 1-2 in summer, gear 4-5 in winter, gear 0 is shutdown, that is, when the refrigerator is not used, it is turned to gear 0, and gear 7 is forced refrigeration, which is the coldest temperature, generally used in special circumstances.

I'm sure you can see how many gears are marked on the thermostat handle of the refrigerator. Which gear is the coldest?

What is the general degree inside the refrigerator

The refrigerator is divided into two parts: the cold room and the freezer. The freezer can adjust the temperature to a certain extent, and the temperature of the freezer is related to the quality of the refrigerator itself and the external factors.

The temperature of the refrigerator is uneven, but it can be adjusted by itself. Generally speaking, the temperature is between 5-8 degrees. The temperature of the upper layer is higher and the temperature of the lower layer is lower. After all, the reason for the lower layer of the air conditioner is that the lower part will be colder than the upper part, but the difference is not big.

The temperature of the freezing chamber is generally lower than - 18 ℃, which is the requirement of the national standard. The lower the temperature is, the lower the activity of microorganisms and enzymes will be, which is conducive to preservation. The temperature for the inhibition of general microorganisms may be lower than - 12 ℃, while the temperature for the effective inhibition of enzyme activity is lower than 18 ℃. So at least the temperature of the freezer is required to be lower than 18 ℃, but if it is too low, a lot of power will be wasted.